Drupal Nigeria Community Meetup in Lagos 2013 (2014)

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So the year is almost over and we still did not end up pulling off another Drupal Camp in Nigeria.

Can we do a small Drupal Community meet up in Lagos before the end of 2013 ?

No big deal, meet up at a fast food / restaurant on the island, no budget, every one goes dutch, drinks on the house , we will talk drupal , technology and anything else ...

If we have up to 5 people replying "interested" , we will set up a time and date .

If not, well , we will start planning Drupal Camp 2014 ...


Interested.Let's spread the

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Interested.Let's spread the word.Though I think the timing is too close, considering that a lot of people will be traveling for xmas.If December is not feasible,then January will be just perfect.Am in.



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About time. Am interested. Nice one.


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It is a good idea.

Drupal Camp 2014

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I'm in!!!

Why don't we do this on or before the 12th of January 2014.

As for Drupal Camp 2014 and other meetups, I put forward 2 donations.

Venue (1 day): Audax Academy (100-seater air-conditioned hall in Lekki, Lagos with projectors, audio/video, laptops etc - http://facebook.com/AudaxNigeria)

Cash Contribution: N25,000 towards the hosting of the event.


Chill Pill

That's a good head start.I

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That's a good head start,Aniedi.I believe Drupal Camp 2014 is already taking shape.
Personally,I would be glad to offer a Training Session on Drupal and SEO.


Drupal Camp 2014

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Its a wonderful idea. I am interested..

Onuegbu Chima Godwin

It's a welcome Development

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I will like to be a part of the event come 2014. Let all hands on deck, volunteers, contributors and financiers.

What's the Development

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Please, what is the update of the conference, has it been done?

meet up has not yet held

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No, this has not held.

Mostly because somebody ( ) did not follow up on this.

We are currently trying to nominate a project manager internally for the project (Drupal Camp Lagos 2014 - Tentative date is around August 30, 2014.
(but there should be 2 - 3 meetups before then)

Nothing has however been finalised yet.

For now, can we nominate a date in March for an informal meetup?

Suggestions For meetup

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I was gonna suggest that we include drupal development of payment systems in Nigeria during the meetup, but then i decided to develop some modules myself to make my point. I developed drupal commerce modules for SimplePay and VoguePay payment systems, i realised that for developers, it would be a time wasting job to develop fresh modules just to integrate payment systems for their clients, we all know the high cost of systems like interswitch and gtpay, so i decided to do something myself and i have provided the code freely to the community. The modules are also available for download on my site (for non git savvy guys) before the sandbox is promoted to a full project.

So my point is, we need to discuss means of developing and promoting e-business in Nigeria using drupal. Maybe we can encourage companies and even government institutions to migrate to drupal and we can work collaboratively. Drupal is a very powerful cms but not very popular in Nigeria compared to other cms systems.. Lets help promote IT development and also help make drupal stronger.

Sandbox pages:

VoguePay sandbox

SimplePay sandbox

That's a step in the right

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That's a step in the right direction.I do hope we have more modules to cover other payment gateways like GT Pay,Zenith Global Pay,Interswith,UBA Collect etc.
Would love to see more collaboration among developers.
Can help with testing.


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Nice initiative. I just finished drupal commerce module for Globalpay integration. Would share after cleaning it up

We're making progress

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@ibraheem nice work, keep it up, lets bridge this e-commerce barrier in our community and also make it easier for developers.

@doncheks if these companies make their api easily available, then it wouldnt be too difficult to integrate into drupal. Meanwhile please help me test the modules and report any issues you may encounter, both work for me on production site though, you can see them in LIVE action at NigerianPro.com

Still on Point: Not hijacking the topic, these are just part of the issues i want to see discussed at the meeting. I am also planning to organize something soon here in abuja

Loving This

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I am loving the direction this is taking. At least we are adding specific purposes to the meetups (i.e. development of Drupal payment systems solutions for Nigeria, etc). It keeps things interesting.

I suggest we just put forward a date that's not too far in the future for a first meetup, see how that goes and take things from there. Also we should continue this discussion on Twitter sumultenously; its much easier to track: Suggested hashtag #DrupalCampNigeria.

BTW I have two working payment gateway modules for Drupal Commerce: Interswitch WebPAY and Fidelity Paygate. Currently cleaning them up for general contribution. I will be putting them up both here on d.o. and on the site: www.icelark.com.

Saturday March 15, 2014?

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I am liking the fact that the momentum is picking up on this. How about if we do Saturday March 15 or 29, 2014?

Possible venues - Somewhere central or if you don't mind, Audax Solutions, Lekki http://goo.gl/maps/r9PYl.

@togbonna: Get in touch, we've got some stuff to do together asap. Lots of stuff!!!

Chill Pill


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15th is ok.Can someone propose an agenda for this meeting.Its high time we come together.


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Yikes! My cousin getting married on the 15th in Ikeja. Guess I can make the next one then.

I'm Loving

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Awesome stuff going on here.

Is the March 15th Date Agreed On?

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Is the March 15th Date and Venue as suggested by aniediudo for the first meetup agreed on? Those who can make that date should indicate so. Reason: If we have enough people who can make the date then we can go ahead and proclaim the date officially. If not, we consider an alternative date. This so we know the turn up rate and determine in advance if we have enough people to hold a successful meetup and based on those decide weather to go ahead or to postpone.

I for one can make the date.

I just feel the following resources would be helpful:
-- http://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/six-resources-help-you-start-new-drupal...

-- http://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/preparing-presentations-drupal-meetup

-- http://www.mediacurrent.com/blog/best-practices-and-tips-local-drupal-us...

@aniediudo Somehow I couldn't locate your contacts (sloppy me): My contacts tony@icelark.com, 08025988377

March 15th Date

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I will be attending.

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Today is 10th March. That's 5 days to the proposed first meetup (15th March).

Apart from aniediudo who is the 'resident host', only doncheks and I has explicitly agreed to make the date so far.

What's up folks? To be or not to be? That's the question.

march 15 date

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I am in....

Thank you

3 Days To Date: 15th March

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3 Days To Date: 15th March

Current roster of potential attendee's:

1) aniediudo
2) togbonna
3) doncheks
4) oluabbeys
5) ...Who's NEXT?

I am in

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I am in for the meet-up

the final say!!!!

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Please, what is the verdict? Are we still meeting?

not sure i can make it

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I am glad to see the momentum here. @togbonna thanks for the drive.

Unfortunately, I most likely can't make it for tomorrow 15th (except maybe late evening on the way back to Lagos through Epe ;-) )

However, it does not mean the meet up should not go ahead. One of my colleague from Bincom can be there though.

I hope we can come out with a tentative date for Drupal Camp 2014 (We've got August 30th in mind) and group of volunteers to make it happen.

Sure, The Meetup Holds!

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I think we at least have enough people to go ahead.

I have spoken with aniediudo and he's ready to accommodate us. The address is:
Audax Academy,
Plot 24 Adebisi Ogunniyi Crescent
Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria 101245

I will also be helpful if those attending (or not attending) drop their GSM numbers so we can better coordinate the meetup. Mine is 08025988377.

This is the day, This is the day, that...

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Hi Guys,

I'll be more than glad to receive you all at the Audax Academy in Lekki today (March 15, 2014) from 10am.


Reach me on 08067084142 or 08023193238

Chill Pill

How did it go?

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Been kinda busy for a while now, unfortunately i would not be attending the Lagos event (guess it held earlier today), but i'm glad there's something going on somewhere so far. Would be glad to hear from you guys as per how the meetup went. cheers!


It was an interesting

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It was an interesting meetup.Will give details on discussions by Monday.Cheers.

15th March Drupal Meetup Notes

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Wow.A week has gone by.
Our meetup was a most interesting one.
Four people in Attendance.
Aniediudo,togbonna,oluabbeys and myself.

We had some serious discussion on Drupal Camp 2014 and preparations.
It was agreed that we suggest and pick a suitable date and venue for the event here.
Some of the proposed activities for drupal camp 2014 include;
Exhibitions:Drupalisters are to submit exceptional websites built using drupal 7 in 2014.(standard guidelines for submission apply)

Website Clones:Group members are to submit a list of popular websites.Based on votes some will be selected and rebuilt using drupal.

Presentations-Group Members are expected to submit key presentation topics that would be approved by a team.

Module Dev:Since online payment modules are very few,we thought it will be a good idea to contribute some of these modules via Drupal Camp.Participating banks must be willing to sponsor the project.

Most importantly,we resolved that we would work collaboratively to achieve Drupal Camp 2014.
We concluded that a website to share ideas and manage preparations be created.
We could create an open atrium site and work with organic groups.
Key preparation areas like exhibition,presentation,finance,logistics etc. will have a page with a group leader.

Members are free to contribute.The group leader moderates and collates ideas and then presents a working document.

To create such a website, we will need,
Content Writers
Site Developers
custom module Developers etc
who have the time to spare.

We welcome all suggestions.Lets work together to make this a success.