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Bring the Drupal World Tour to one of the most influential Digital and Tech events bridging EMEA and Asia - The Global Webit Congress

Vote now for Drupal and for Ivo Radulovski to become the Audience Choice speaker of the most influential Digital and Tech event bridging EMEA and Asia - The Global Webit Congress. Share this post and/or vote now please and help to grow the Drupal Community!

Here you can vote: http://webitcongress.com/2014/speaker/241

Inspired by Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Ivo has put together a session about profitablility of Open Source.

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Drupal Nigeria Community Meetup in Lagos 2013 (2014)

So the year is almost over and we still did not end up pulling off another Drupal Camp in Nigeria.

Can we do a small Drupal Community meet up in Lagos before the end of 2013 ?

No big deal, meet up at a fast food / restaurant on the island, no budget, every one goes dutch, drinks on the house , we will talk drupal , technology and anything else ...

If we have up to 5 people replying "interested" , we will set up a time and date .

If not, well , we will start planning Drupal Camp 2014 ...

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The Gradual Drying up of the Drupal Drops??

Having some time to think and reflect after returning from Drupalcon in Chicago, I feel that there has been a paradigm shift in the Drupal community and wanted to get other's opinions. My basic observation is that in one year since Drupalcon San Fran, I feel like the emphasis in the Drupal community is less on growing this amazing product and more on monetizing it.

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Drupal Community Development - Indonesia / Europe

Hello to all!

I would love to exchange exp. from the European Drupal Community and local user groups from Europe.

I will arrive in Jakarta on the 22. October.

So I will be in the following areas, where I could meet up with local Drupal enthusiasts.

probably between 26 - 30th October.
in Kalimantan

Then later in Jakarta and Bali again until the 1-2 Nov.

I'm founder of Drupal Bulgaria (see www.drupalcamp.bg/en ) and active Member of www.drupal-austria.at

I would like to discuss the development of the Community in Indonesia / Europe and how we can help each other to develop Drupal.

Ivo Radulovski

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