Boston Drupal Meetup - February 4 2014 @ 6:30 pm

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2014-02-04 18:30 - 20:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Held on MIT Campus

We will be hosted by the MIT Drupal Group in Cambridge in Building E51 - Tang Center in E51-145.

Lightning Talk Format

We'll do lightening talks for both hours of the meeting. Each volunteer will get up to 5-10 minutes to ask questions of the group, present your recent Drupal work, or other lead Drupal discussion. This is an open floor, and no preparation is required.

Parking and Transportation:

After 5pm, there is an unattended MIT lot called Hayward:

Dinner and Drinks

During the meetup, we'll take an order for a group dinner and after lightening talks, head over to the MIT's on campus pub Muddy Charles for drinks and food.

Sponsors/Feature Guests Wanted

If you would like to sponsor dinner, please reach out to organizers. You will be recognized at the meeting, given the chance to do a featured talk for 15 min., and promoted to our Boston list of over 1400 subscribers.

Pencil in 1st Tuesdays!

The first Tuesdays are designated Boston Drupal Meetup nights unless noted. Look for future announcements and reminders!


I was thinking about Moshe's

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I was thinking about Moshe's comment at the last meeting about not needing to be compulsive about updating immediately/promptly unless security issues are involved. I agree that rushing to upgrade is ill advised. Probably we've all had unfortunate updates that caused immediate bugs -- or worse latent bugs that you don't notice for a while (tick, tick, tick).

I just upgraded Libraries, and for some reason, it disabled my custom module which depends upon it. Reenabling fixed it, but it was nice to know the one thing that I did which broke the site. When I've deferred updating for a while and updated several modules (and maybe core) all in relatively quick succession (a day or so), I am at risk for a latent bug, which could have been due to any of the several updates. Worse yet is updating a bunch all with the same drush command.

I wonder if there is a way that updates could be rated. Something like G (can't imagine any way this will hurt anyone), PG (all known side effects should be okay), PG-13 (you will need to do things in the UI to make things work properly after this update), R (API changes, which will affect you if you use have programmed to the API), X (API changes which will break your site).

Or maybe a paragraph written as part of the release of the update which summarizes the important changes that might break your site, and integrate this with drush and the update module. It's often hard to pick out the "warning, Will Robinson" commit messages from the rest of the "yawn, now this is minor problem that you don't have anyhow is fixed" messages.

Or maybe the module maintainer has no idea that pain will ensue with an update, so neither of these will help.

Thanks for the work in organizing these meetings. :)


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