Non-Profit Drupal Summit 2014, in association with GLADCamp

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2014-03-07 09:00 - 17:00 America/Los_Angeles

The Non-Profit Summit is on March 7, 2014, in Pasadena, California, in association with the Greater Los Angeles Drupal Camp (GLADCamp). This is part of GLADCamp's theme of “Drupal for Good” and will be for and by non-profits in the Greater Los Angeles Area and beyond.

Attending the summit is free! Are you a non-profit and want to use Open Source Software and Drupal to amplify your efforts? Are you a service provider who specializes in products, training or other services for non-profits? Do you just want to learn more? This event is for you.

Register at  

We will come together to examine how Drupal, Open Source SoftWare and Technology can be used to amplify our non-profit mission. The schedule is coming together and will be featuring sessions on the following subjects:

  • Case studies of using Drupal in non-profit organizations;
  • Comparing Custom Coded systems, Commercial and SaaS options and Open Source content management systems for building your websites;
  • Ways to accomplish a great deal with very little budget;
  • Sharing some of the ways non-profits have found to fill our technology needs;
  • How Open Source works and the power of the Drupal community!

Are you interested in helping make this event happen? You can get involved in a number of ways, including registering to attend the summit, submitting a session, and becoming of sponsor of GLADCamp or the Non-Profit Summit.


Please don't spam

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Why is this posted in the Portland OR, Seattle (and apparently Boston?!) groups? I get that you want people to come, but spamming a bunch of other groups is really poor taste. If every local camp did this then the geographically-based groups would quickly lose their meaning.

People who are interested in nonprofits or activism are part of the "Drupal for Good" and/or "Drupal for Activists and Campaigns" groups, and this event is welcome there. But keep events with a geographic location in geographic groups; that's the whole point of having separate groups.

Please remove this event listing from non-Southern California groups. Thanks.

Ivan, I love your suggestions

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Ivan, I love your suggestions and the passion in your comment. I didn't know about the "Drupal for Activists and Campaigns" group and just joined it.

The way cross-posting works and is used here on Drupal Groups is a frequent conversation topic and I imagine it will always continue to be. As a frequent community organizer and event producer, I've heard this a lot myself.

I understand what you're saying about relevancy. Please don't confuse something that's irrelevant to you being irrelevant to others. Just because it's not your taste doesn't make it bad taste.

I remember when Chapter Three promoted their San Francisco trainings in groups on the East Coast and they got in trouble over that until the webmasters at the time agreed that it makes sense for training announcements to be posted in groups where people interested in attending the trainings are likely to travel from. I think that relates well to what GLADCamp is offering.

Speaking specifically about camps, SANDcamp was recently promoted in groups as far away as Berkeley, Las Vegas and Arizona. The upcoming DrupalCamp Phoenix is also promoting their event outside of their area, including the Pacific Northwest. The Southwest Drupal Summit completely bombarded everyone on the planet with their announcements. If they hadn't, a lot of people probably wouldn't have heard about the event until it was over. Again, I think this relates to GLADCamp.

While everyone probably thinks that the event they're involved with is the most important one of the moment, myself included, I do want to mention that we're doing a couple things at GLADCamp that no one else has been crazy enough to try. I truly think the events that make our our conference program are extremely interesting, but my bet is that they're interesting to the larger community, too.

Disclosure: one of my companies is a Chapter Three partner.

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I'm sorry, but I don't buy this.

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For topical-based camps -- as parts of your camps are -- I think it's entirely appropriate to post those events into related topical-based groups. The nonprofit summit should absolutely be posted into nonprofit Drupal groups. Thus, those who find it "relevant," as you describe in a pretty condescending way, will easily be able to find it.

But it's unreasonable to post a regular camp announcement into every other location-based group on the off chance someone will be willing to travel to your camp. Groups in your state, sure, and maybe even neighboring states. (In the Pacific NW, for instance, Oregon and Washington events are often cross-posted.) But in Boston? No.

There are Drupal groups all over the world. Many of them have camps (or join together to create camps) at least once a year. If every Drupal group advertised their camp in every other Drupal group, there would be no point to having separate groups at all -- every group would be flooded by every Drupal event listing in the world. That's obviously not feasible.

Even though I live in Portland, Oregon, I'm willing to attend camps in Philadelphia (where I used to live), and so I'm a member of that group. But I don't expect to see those events pop up in the Portland group, because that would be insane. Again, consider the scale -- if every Drupal camp from every group appeared in my local group, there'd be no point to having a group calendar.

More to the point, though, is your attitude that your camp is so special, you shouldn't be bound by the community guidelines we've all collectively been living by. That others have sometimes ignored those guidelines isn't much of a defense; in fact given the number of Drupal camps around the world, the fact that it's only happened a few times shows how widely-shared those guidelines are.

I've helped organize Drupal camps in Philadelphia, I was a track chair for Drupalcon Portland, and I have a background in community organizing. I know how important it is to get the word out about an event. But consider that you're seriously turning people off by spamming groups with your events. I think it's instructive, for instance, that you didn't invite people in other groups to your event. You simply cross-posted the event, so that it appears as if it's being sponsored by all those local Drupal groups. It would have been far different if you had created a blog post that said, dear folks in Boston and Portland and Philadelphia, we're having an awesome camp and even though we're far away in San Diego Los Angeles (sorry for the mistake), we think you might be interested! That would have been charming and respectful, and I bet you would have gotten some folks (certainly just as many folks) using that method.

But simply cross-posting events shows a disrespect for people's time, not to mention disrespect for your fellow organizers.

And so again, I'm going to ask you to kindly remove the event from groups which are not anywhere nearby, not topically-related, and not involved in the planning of the event.

Chorus of agreement

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It really is a bummer how much cross posting happens. It seems like only half of my pdx drupal messages are about pdx/oregon. Maybe there should just be a 'drupal events' group that is non-geographic. But crossposting is typically noise.

Thank for the reply, Ivan. I

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Thank for the reply, Ivan. I love your enthusiasm and am super bummed I rubbed you the wrong way. I certainly didn't intend for my response to come across as condescending but If I'm going to defend myself in public I guess I should be prepared for my responses to be misconstrued.

By posting the event announcement to Boston, Portland, etc., I was actually inviting everyone in those areas to post comments and discuss the event. After producing something like 300 events to date in this community this is pretty much my understanding of how Drupal Groups works. "Hey, everyone, here's an event I believe you might be interested in. If you're not interested, then just ignore it."

I understand what you're saying about community guidelines. That the guidelines have been overlooked by other camps in California and the Southwest tell me that we operate differently over here. While I don't know why that is, I don't have a problem with being lumped in with other camp organizers in this area. I also don't mind being a lightning rod in this case.

When it comes to Boston, several parts of GLADCamp, including the non-profit summit, are being attended and organized by people and organizations who based in Boston. The company where I work is one of them.

When it comes to Portland, it turns out that a resident there did apply to the non-profit barn raising we're having on March 9th. I'm excited that she's in the running to have her site rebuilt by a team of Drupaleros at our event. I do think that the non-profit barn raising is special and I'm not sorry about that. I'm glad that news of it has reached people in your neck of the woods.

In the future, I'd love it if you would contact the event organizers directly instead of participating in public crossfire like this. I admit I'm guilty of this since I responded to you publicly, but I think we can both probably do better. After all this I do have more respect for you and what you do and I'll be happy to get a beer with you the next time I'm in Portland.

Exaltation of Larks
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Just curious

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I am from Boston - How would I find out about GladCamp or any Drupal events that are not held in Boston (I am portable). I am going.
Would I have to search through each group?

When you say "geographically-based groups would quickly lose their meaning."
What is "their meaning", other than being a specific location where something Drupal is going on, and anyone can attend from anywhere in the world.

It seems like most of the community is really prudent about announcing events in a cross post and they do so when the event is a bit different or has things like 'trainings' that are not always part of a camp. I think I may have missed out on some great events if no one had cross posted.

See above

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I won't restate my reply comment above, but I'll summarize it quickly:

  • There are hundreds of groups all over the world. If they all post events in each other's groups, it wouldn't be helpful to anyone.

  • Geographically-based groups' meaning is indeed their specific location. Events happening 3,000 miles away that aren't being organized by anyone in the group are, indeed, not relevant.

  • If a special invitation wants to be extended outside of the local group, I think that's great! But the way to do that is to blog about it in the other groups, not to spam them with cross-posted events.

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I added an item about the summit to the agenda, and in the longer agenda (linked from that page) I mentioned the nonprofit site barnraising as well.

If you can't make it, that's fine and we'll just point people to the website and the groups postings.

Non-Profit Summit NYC Camp

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Hi Ivan,

If non-profit summits are on the agenda, would it be possible to make a quick announcement about the NYC camp non-profit summit as well?

NYC Camp will be April 10-13 at the United Nations in New York. The Non-Profit & NGO Summit will be on Friday April 11th.

Currently looking for a co-organizer and potentially a group of non-profits that would be like to be on the organizing committee. My goal is to facilitate the event, but really would like to have non-profit leaders involved to set the direction and program.



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I've added the listing to our agenda on g.d.o and the Google doc that we take notes on. If you or someone from NYC Camp would like to be on the call to talk about it for a couple of minutes, you'd be most welcome. Otherwise, we'll make sure to announce it, and people will have a link to the website.

Our calls are monthly, so there will also be one on March 20 (third Thursday) at the same time.

You should also feel free to post to the Drupal for Good and Drupal for Activists & Campaigns groups about this.

I updated this post to be in

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I updated this post to be in the 2 existing DrupalCamp groups based on the requests here and in the interest of keeping content relevant to the groups in which it is posted. Please do not add this post to additional regional groups.

Thanks for showing your

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Thanks for showing your interest, Ezra, but I'm not sure how this is helping anything.

You just removed this event announcement from several groups where this event is happening, including the San Gabriel Valley Drupal and LA Drupal groups, both of which have members who are in the area where this event is happening.

Please try contacting the event organizers before making an arbitrary move like this. When are you available to chat about the geography of the area so that you can make decisions that are both fair and informed?

Exaltation of Larks
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Ezra, I haven't seen you on

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Ezra, I haven't seen you on IRC and you haven't replied here, so I'm posting this back to the regional groups where it's relevant. I wanted to give you a chance to explain how your decision wasn't an arbitrary one, but that hasn't happened.

I'm not sure how you define "relevant", but how about you put this back in the LA and San Gabriel Valley Drupal groups, which are obviously relevant to the areas where this event is taking place?

By the way, this event is in the San Gabriel Valley — and the author of the event announcement is an organizer of the San Gabriel Valley Drupal group — so removing it from that group makes no sense.

Exaltation of Larks
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