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I installed the most advanced platform available in BOA, 7.24, however I am receiving notifications about security updates and would like to upgrade to 7.26. How do I do that? barracuda up-stable won't.
So far, I have not published anything as I am still understanding how to manage BOA in a VPS.
I really have a pressing need to get started, my problem is that I don't know how to make sites visible in development stage.
I can direct domain's A records to my VPS and they go live, but this is not what I need at this stage.
How do I use drush? I know how to use it in my local test server, the question is how to use it in BOA.
Thanks for bearing with me.


Updated built-in platforms

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  1. Updated built-in platforms will be included with the next boa release. If you want to use Drupal 7.26 now, you should add a custom platform as described here: Note that the security issue addressed in 7.26 only affects sites using OpenID module or sites upgraded from Drupal 6. So unless you are affected, I would just wait for the new boa release. You can disable update module if the warnings bother you.

  2. I just use subdomains of the main domain I use for boa install. E.g.

When you want to go live, clone the site (just to be on the safe side), then migrate the clone from to

  1. SSH into the system, and just use drush. Only difference is that some commands are renamed. More info

In general, it's a good idea to read everything under "Learn" on It will help you understand the bigger picture (as well as the specifics of most everything you'd want to do).

I promise that I am reading

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I promise that I am reading as fast as my other obligations permit.
Appreciate you directing me to the articles I need to read.
Just one question on point 2:
The main domain that I used for BOA install is live, it is a Drupal site that I enabled because I need to publish it.
So, how can I cloak this live site, while I work on a subdomain of it?
I tried pointing the A records somewhere else, but then the whole BOA wouldn't work.
Should I delete the site that I enabled in BOA?
I don't want to do this right now for fear of messing up my BOA install.

I'm confused what you

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I'm confused what you actually want: you enabled this main site because you want it published (with published I take it you mean live at the final domain name?), but you also want it "cloaked"?

Say your main domain is, this will be a Drupal site living in your Octopus instance, say o1.

You install boa with an Octopus instance located at For this you need a wildcard A record for * (or * if you don't want the wildcard for all subdomains).

Meanwhile you can for example point the A record for to another server, e.g. serving the old website or a temporary static site (and maybe you'll also want to have a CNAME record pointing the www subdomain to the main A record).

Or you can point the A record to your BOA server's IP address, but don't add a site with that url yet, then BOA will server an "Under construction" page.

If you already added a Drupal site for with that domain name in your o1 instance, but you don't want it visible at that location yet, just migrate it do a subdomain like, and when you're ready to go live migrate it back.

Good luck!


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So, no need to delete any site.
Pointing the A record for the main domain elsewhere works if you have the (wildcard) A records for the subdomains in place. Maybe you need A records for both * and

I did migrate successfully

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I did migrate successfully the main domain to a subdomain where I can work on it, meanwhile the main domain shows the "Under Construction" notice, all that is fine as it also helped me to understand how Aegir works.
Thank you very much for that.
What I don't understand is why my additional comments get deleted, I already posted two replies to this and they are gone.


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