Drupal Drinks Dundee - February

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2014-02-18 19:00 - 21:00 UTC
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User group meeting

We're approaching the 3rd Tuesday of the month again, which means it's Drupal Drinks time in Dundee.

Next meetup will be on Tuesday 18th February, to discuss lots of the latest Drupal news and discover what to expect in the upcoming Drupal 8 release.

We'll meet in the same room as last month, room 2F10 in the Dalhousie Building (http://www.dundee.ac.uk/general/campusguide/virtualtour/dalhousie/). The room is available from 6.30 and we'll kick off at 7. We'll aim to finish before 8.30pm.

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Planet Drupal
  • Dive into Drupal 8
  • Lightning Talks
  • Adjourn to Duke's Corner (http://www.dukescorner.co.uk/) for beer, food and chat

Lightning talks are short 2-4 min presentations and can be anything Drupal or web related - a demo of site you've built, a module you've used in a project, a YML primer or an explanation of of the Symfony routing system (bravo if you can squeeze that last one into a 4 min talk :-) ).

All are welcome - especially those who are new to Drupal or want to find out anything about getting started. As with Drupal, the event is free... just please signup so we know who's coming.


lightning talk

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I might beer in a position to do a quick run down on a dev setup using wildcard DNS to remove the need for a complicated system of creating Vhosts.

Awesome :) I'm liking the

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Awesome :)

I'm liking the beer reference too!

Typo ;)

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I'll pretend that was a typo.

Unfortunately, I can't make it this month. The kids got ill at school and now I feel terrible.

See you all next month.

No worries, hope you're all

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No worries, hope you're all feeling better soon.

Was there anyone else planning on coming who hasn't signed up? We may have to cancel if it's just me and Yves.

Not been a while but I

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Not been in a while but I noticed it was on today so I'll come along if it's still going ahead

I think we'll go ahead in

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I think we'll go ahead in that case, Grant. Nice one.


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Good night last night, thanks to those who attended and to Yves for his lightning talk on the Media module and File Entity.

Slides are now up on speakerdeck:


Good D8 presentation

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Sad to have missed it last night. The slides on the D8 overview are great. I might be lifting the learning curve slide for a future talk... ;-)