Getting Dev and Live Sites in Sync


It's been quiet on the CODUG site lately, eh? Allow me to make some noise, please. :-)

My test and live sites are starting to become way out of sync, and I'm not sure how to resolve it. I want to start using the Deploy module so this doesn't happen again, but it sounds like you need to have matching databases to start off with, which mine definitely aren't at this point. I have new content (content types, nodes, images, etc.) on the test site that I don't want to lose, and also have content solely on the live site that I don't want to lose.

Any ideas how best to get them closely matched again? I apologize this is a somewhat vague request, please ask me to clarify anything unclear.




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You might look at . I haven't used it, but it appears to be actively developed. You can try on a some copies of your current database to see if it works. Otherwise, you are left with either (sqlyog) or doing it by hand.

I'll try and respond to questions a bit more frequently and will be looking at maatkit myself.

Hope this helps.

Versioning control

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I would look into creating version control on your servers. If you used Git or CVS and made your base web folder the main directory. You could push and/or pull from either server to the other server. Link to git tutorial:


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