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Hello, I would like to included a flexible survey type of content in our spaces, maybe webform. Can anyone comment on creating OA aware content types? What needs accounted for in addition to an OG content type? Anyone use og_webform? What alternatives to webform are there?

Thank you, just trying to start of in the best direction.


Documentation on making content types OA-aware

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Hi Tom!

So, I don't have any experience using webform or og_webform in Open Atrium 2. There has been some success using the Poll module with OA2 - I'm not personally that fond of that module, but it has worked. :-)

However, I can give you some general information about creating OA aware content types!

Here is some slightly out-dated documentation about making an Open Atrium 2 "plugin" on the old community site:


According to Mike Potter, this will be updated and moved to Drupal.org, where we'll all b able to change and improve it.

I've personally got a checklist for making a content type Open Atrium-aware, which I'll integrate into the documentation once I'm able to! But for now, I'll include it here, because it contains some steps that aren't mentioned in the above docs:

  1. Edit content type:
    • Configure it as group content on Space bundles (will add og_group_ref)
    • Enable Panelizer for full page override with a default panel
    • Make sure to disable comments if you don’t plan to use them!
    • Disable submitted information if you don’t want it
  2. Add oa_section_ref to content type (it should be required!)
  3. Put both the og_group_ref and oa_section_ref into a collapsed fieldset called “Access”
  4. Create Panelizer default for full page override which has the Sidebar Top and Sidebar Bottom in the right sidebar
    • IPE (node access)
    • Burr flipped
    • Right columns should have the “Open Atrium Pane” style
  5. Create a variant on the node_edit panel which include the OA stuff in the right sidebar
    • Clone “Wiki Edit Page” and modify
    • Change “Selection Rules” to be for your content type
    • Reorder to put above the “Node Edit Page”
    • Do the “Feature export, rename, revert, delete” dance to change the variant name
  6. Add OG permissions to allow members to create the content type
  7. Setup defaultconfig for any other pertinent permissions
  8. Create a Section Type which will hold it:
    • Create a new Panelizer default layout for oa_section
    • Use hook_install() to create a Section Type term which has the layout and allows creation of your content type
  9. (Optional) Create a View to hold Views-based widgets that could be used on the Section Type’s layout or on other pages
  10. (Optional) Add a hook_form_TYPE_node_form_alter() which calls _oa_core_hide_comment_settings($form) to hide comment settings

Hopefully, that documentation plus my checklist and looking at the existing plugins will be enough to get you started. :-) If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here!



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I don't have much experience using features, can you describe a little more the last part of 5th step?


I think Webform works OK with OA2

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I did some brief testing of the stock Drupal Webform module with OA2 a couple of months ago and it seemed to work fine - the webform node type can be assigned to a section just like the built-in OA2 types and new forms created via the OA 'create content' button.

thank you David and bjuby. It

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thank you David and bjuby. It seems like something that can be handled with features. But to use taxonomy terms for section type needs a work around. It is "better" to not use features when content such as terms are used?

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You can use Features for Taxonomy terms via Features UUID. However, I don't usually in this case, because this is something that is frequently overridden on a individual sites.

For example, Work Tracker creates a "Tasks Section" term but on individual client sites, usually, I end up creating something more specifically geared to that site, ie. "Work Section", "Customer Support Section", etc.

In any case, for your Features you're free to use whatever you like!


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is been down at least since yesterday, do you have the full instructions at hand?


What about Entityform

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As said in the title does Entityform work's too?

Sorry.. just got an aswer while searching more

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Sorry i think i've got the answer trough this link https://www.drupal.org/project/og_entityform.