Need ride from Orange to Gladcamp

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Hi all,

I could use a ride to Gladcamp from Orange Saturday and/or Sunday.

I can of course share in expenses.




Hi Jeff, I can't help you

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Hi Jeff,

I can't help you with a ride: I live in Monrovia (next to Pasadena) & don't drive. I can't think of anyone who lives in OC that you might contact at the moment, either.

Good luck with the ride, Jeff Nutting

Public transportation

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Well, I can always take Metrolink and the Gold line but the problem is I have to leave no later than 6:30 to catch the 7:30 Amtrak train to Anaheim since the last Metrolink train that stops in Orange is 4:40 from Union Station. Sometimes I miss NYC.

I kinda did want to go to the after party....

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