Redhen taxonomy best practices

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Can someone please shed some light, best practices, or war stories on RedHen nomenclature?

In my scenario, we have a base organization. Individual members join our association (IFMA). These members are all owners/employees of independent companies. Our administrator is an externally hired person. In addition, we have internal committees (made up of volunteers that are members and employees of external organizations); sponsors (organizations that pay money); in-kind sponsors (organizations that deliver goods/services/support without any transfer of money; Board members (not unlike a committee); Vendors (whom we pay for goods/services)... All of this is similar to other organizations that I am aware of.

I am trying to understand how best to organize the hierarchies?

Do I set up Organizations as Vendor/Sponsor/Member? Or do we just use a generic "Company" organization? And do our Members belong to an IFMA Organization that is a Company type, or do we create our association as its own organization?

When it comes to members of the organization, should they be added as a "membership" to IFMA, a member of IFMA with relationship to their organization, or an employee of their organization with a Membership to IFMA? And likewise for committees, should committees be another type of organization, a relationship, or a sub-relationship (list item) under the relationship?

And bonus questions:
- Is there any historical (archiving) capabilities? I don't currently see any way to see who was a member of a company/committee/board position in prior years?
- Is there any way to change the type of a contact? In the demo, it looks like contacts can either be a staff or volunteer... but once that is decided I don't see a way to change it.

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Good questions

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Wish I could speak to your main question, but in regards to the bonus questions...

If you use Relations to make the connections between contacts and organizations, then you can add a status field to the relation type. (I believe one of the default Redhen Relations has such a field).

When your volunteer becomes staff (or child contact become teenager, etc)... seems to work like magic.