Forum and Mailing List integration on D7?

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Does anyone have any experience with trying to integrate a Forum with a mailing list on Drupal? I have a possible project for a group that has a relatively unused 3rd party forum product on their website but generally talks over a private Yahoo Groups mailing list. Can these be integrated so that emails to the list end up on the forum (and are owned by the correct account, not glommed into a single account like anonymous), and forum postings go out to the email list?

I've Googled several discussions that seem to hint at this but none seem to be definitive. In the past I've played around with the Mail Handler module a couple times (and it would seem like Mailcomment module would be needed, too), but I couldn't ever get it to connect to a pop mailbox. I didn't try real hard to figure it out because I didn't have a requirement at the time...

Does anyone have a success story in this area or some hints for me to follow up?



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This solution only works if the domain's mail server is run on the same server that Drupal is installed. I have a site which uses this and it is an incredible integration. I should mention it also requires drush.