League: Tournament Management

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I want to share a new module for tournament management.
It defines entities for persons (AKA players) and games (AKA matches), node types for teams, stadiums and matchdays.
Position tables are build over views allowing huge flexibility.
Groups and categories could be defined Drupal Way using taxonomies, node/entity references and/or OG.
Just achieved DEV status eventhough module is stable enough, but still lacks of some functionallity to be considered an oficial release.
Module could be downloaded here: League
Basic documentation here: Online documentation



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This is great help for soccer league web sites.

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Stable release of modules

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Just release version 1.3 of the league module.
It is fully functional and have some instllations already on place.
Mayor debbugging has been done and no critical issues appers.
Also added auto refresh for a minute by minute feed, to follow games online.
This is a live site with information of the world cup http://mundial.ovacion.pe
Also added online documentation: https://drupal.org/node/2217333
Still pending Set based sports support, that is next step.