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¡DrupalCon in Latin America!

The Drupal Association is holding a survey to see if the community is interested in participating in a DrupalCon either in Canada or Mexico.

I believe it's time to bring DrupalCon back to Latin America!

There are so many exciting developments happening here (such as the Drupal Console, for example)

Take the Survey and help make it happen:


Thank you!


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DrupalCon Latin America - Embracing Diversity

Cross-posted from DrupalCon Latin America

Photo Credits: Jeremy Thorson

English / Castellano

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DrupalCon Latino América, Inversión o gasto?

Mis pensamientos en el tema del costo de asistir al evento.


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Take the DrupalCon Latin America brief survey

Please take our very quick survey about the upcoming DrupalCon Latin America (it is only a couple of questions and will take less than 2 minutes). Even if you will not be able to attend the event, we want to hear from you! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FRH3L5S

Thank you.

Joe Saylor
Drupal Association
Membership and Marcomm Manager

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DrupalCon Latin America

DrupalCon Latin America has received 223 talk proposals from 143 speakers from 23 different countries!

The breakdown of potential speakers by country is:

USA: 42
Brazil: 23
Mexico: 13

Costa Rica: 9
Peru: 8
Colombia: 7

Spain: 5
United Kingdom: 4
Belgium: 4

Ecuador: 3
Guatemala: 3
Bolivia: 3
Argentina: 3

Canada: 2
Germany: 2
Australia: 2

Nicaragua: 1
Chile: 1

Portugal: 1
Switzerland: 1
Serbia: 1
India: 1

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DrupalCon Latinamerica - Sitio online y recepción de propuestas para ponencias

¡Ayúdanos a hacer que DrupalCon Latinoamérica sea una experiencia para recordar! Los valores latinos de familia, amigos, diversión y de compartir están muy alineados con aquellos de la comunidad Drupal, y esperamos que nuestro programa de conferencias para DrupalCon Latinoamérica refleje ese espíritu de colectivismo.


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Drupal Camp Mexico City 2014 final words

During 23 to April 25, 2014 we had a rewarding experiences when we reached our goal to create a Drupal Camp & Symfony Day in Mexico City at the same technical level of the Camps in USA and Europe. Furthermore it was very diverse since we’ve gathered people from a dozen countries: 35 speakers and 181 attendees. We are very proud to be the first camp to held simultaneously both the Symfony and the Drupal community in one event.

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Congratulations Scholars! ¡Felicidades Becados! Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico y Guatemala

Only local images are allowed.

A well deserved reward for all the hard work you do in the Drupal community in Latin America.

Un muy merecido premio por la gran participación que tienen en el mundo de Drupal en Latinoamérica.

Osvaldo Villarroel Marañon (vacho) - Bolivia

Jose Eduardo Garcia Torres (-enzo-) - Costa Rica
Jose Levia (jleiva) - Costa Rica

Jesus Manuel Olivas (jmolivas) - Mexico

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DrupalCon Latin America's Designer is needed!!!!


Las propuestas recibidas han sido publicadas en: https://groups.drupal.org/node/419343


The proposals has been published in: https://groups.drupal.org/node/419343


Buscamos el diseñador para DrupalCon América Latina, queremos que todos sean parte de este gran evento, así que hemos hecho una solicitud de propuestas para que tu participes.

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Submit your session proposals to the Frontend track DrupalCon Sao Paulo.

Hola Drupaleros, my name is José, and I’m the Local Track Chair for the Frontend Track at DrupalCon Sao Paulo 2012. Did you know that in December will take place the first Drupal Con in LatinAmerica, right? Of course you knew!!

I know you have brilliant ideas and wonderful experiences you would like to share with the Drupal community, and this is your chance! Today I'm inviting you to submit your session proposals to the Frontend track.

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