*change* Save the date: April Nosh & Connect Meetup

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Greetings ~

Update We have to change the date of the next gathering to April 15th (it was the 29th) - hope you can make it.

We have reserved April 15th (Tuesday) for our next Capital Region meetup at Zone 5 (http://zone5.com). On the agenda is Drupal Ladders - an opportunity for us to both advance our Drupal knowledge and contribute to the Drupal community. Also, since many of us will have attended NYC Camp (April 10-13) we could take some time to share our experiences and cool discoveries.

I wanted to take this opportunity to post a "save the date" message, but to also start a discussion through comments on future topics.

Here are some topics that have come up; I will add to it based on what appears in comments:

  • theming, including how individuals implement/configure more advanced theming
  • using hooks
  • more on Drush

I know I've missed some topics which have come up in discussions, please let me know (via comments or by contacting me) what we should add to the list and how we might want to explore these topics at future meetings.

Warm regards,


Can't make today.

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Sadly I have a bunch of work that needs doing so I won't make it up. NYC Drupal Camp was fun though. See everyone next month...so far away.

Touching Base

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Hey everyone,

I am sorry I haven't been contributing to this group/community!!!

I have some free time right now, and would like to spend some of it with this group/community. I am out of the loop though, could someone please tell me:

1) what the objectives are of the group/community;
2) who the active members are; and
3) some of the projects being worked on.

Right now, I am building my own website using Drupal: buddym.com. I am pretty much a novice, but I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far. I would be happy to share what little code or knowledge I have with the community.


Albany Group Activities

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Hello Buddymaguire,

Great to hear from you!

While I can't speak for everyone, I would say that we started holding monthly gatherings last fall as a way to create a time and place where everyone could share and learn about Drupal, no matter their level.

Currently our meetings bring 10-20+ people together to listen and discuss. Meeting formats tend to follow the agendas: some chatting, some sharing of information (sometimes as presentations, sometimes as round-robins) and increasingly a hands-on portion (last night we spent an hour on Drupal Ladder). We have people who are just starting to explore Drupal and some people who've worked with it for years; front-end developers and dev-ops.

Hope to see you at a future meeting. I'll post information on the May meeting as soon as I have it.



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Thank you Meredith! I appreciate you taking the time to catch me up. I will do my best to attend the next meeting in May. I look forward to meeting you and everyone else.

Take care,