Need workspace in Milwaukie area for a few hours on 4/9/2014

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I'm going to be in the Milwaukie area tomorrow (4/9), and have about five hours - from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM - where I need to find a place to work. I have a meeting that gets done at 10:30 AM, and then I need to be back in Oak Grove at 4:30, and in between I don't want to come all the way back out to the east edge of Gresham and then back again. Does anyone have or know of a space where I could plant myself for that time in that area? All I need is an internets connection and a desk.



Nice Drupal site for the

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Nice Drupal site for the city, BTW. Any chance you know who did it? :-)

Uh, that was a joke, David,

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Uh, that was a joke, David, because I know Aha and the founders (including Todd), having been slightly involved when it started (hence the :-)) back in the days when we all worked at Freightliner.

Let's try that again

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That came off pretty snotty, so let's try again. David, I was being funny with Todd, since he and I both knew who Aha was (and still is), since he was one of the founders. He and Brian Gilday and I all worked together at Freighltiner before we all got into Drupal full time.


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No problem Steve.

I guess my reply will serve to others who may not know.
All good!

Always interesting to see new

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Always interesting to see new projects and hear about companies I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing :-)

In unrelated news, we also have a new library out in Hillsboro, just around the corner from my house, which is very nice. I haven't seen their website, though. needs a ++ button

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