Congratulations Scholars! ¡Felicidades Becados! Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico y Guatemala

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A well deserved reward for all the hard work you do in the Drupal community in Latin America.

Un muy merecido premio por la gran participación que tienen en el mundo de Drupal en Latinoamérica.

Osvaldo Villarroel Marañon (vacho) - Bolivia

Jose Eduardo Garcia Torres (-enzo-) - Costa Rica
Jose Levia (jleiva) - Costa Rica

Jesus Manuel Olivas (jmolivas) - Mexico

Fernando Paredes Garcia (devulCuy) - Peru
Nancy Contreras Quispe (joyita) - Peru
Luis Cordova (cordoval) - Peru

Isaak Willson Alexis Ordoñes Alvares (kaasi) - Guatemala

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Congrats to all!

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Special Congrats at PERUVIAN group are great representatives.... I hope these can share this great experience at latin group.... :)

Juan Siesquen R.
Force IT Solutions / LPIC-1

Cool!, Congrats for everyone!

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Cool!, Congrats for everyone!

Heissen López

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