In Bombay, Want to meetup?

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I'm in Bombay till Saturday, visiting family and couple of meetings. I'll have couple of free evenings, ping me if you'd like to hangout, talk about Drupal or just for coffee/beers.



Yes sure

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Dipen: That's really great! Please let me know the venue and the schedule for our hang out.

Surendra Mohan
Drupal Consultant | Architect | Author | Trainer | Blogger

Missed it

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Missed it this time @Dipen. I'm out of Mumbai, but will catch you next time :( Feeling sad ):

Email :                         Skype : vyasamit2004
Mobile : +91 993-040-1490

DARN! :(

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Wanted to meet you Dipen but have couple of busy evenings (&nights) ahead. Maybe me next time.

Wish you a great trip.


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