Miami Beach? Sarasota? Tallahaseee? Tampa? Where are your meetups?

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Hey Palm Beach, Miami, Sarasota, Tallahassee, and Tampa Drupalers? Where are your meetups?

Ok - maybe that's not a fair question...

I realize that Palm Beach and Tampa have been posting their meetups on - but please also cross-post them here as well (Orlando does the same thing...)

How about you, Miami (looking for a new organizer?), Sarasota, and Tallahassee? Let's get things kick-started!



I do hope someone takes over

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I do hope someone takes over organizing Sarasota meetups now that I have moved....

Joe Moraca

Are you officially up in

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Are you officially up in White Springs now?

We'll eventually get our crap

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We'll eventually get our crap back together. You were the rock.


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Yes I am now full-time back in the NF woods after many years in the big city ;-) and Gainesville is the closest drupal meetup (but still an hour away)

Joe Moraca

Well... get your ass down

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Well... get your ass down here!


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Up here in Tallahassee we typically have the meetups the last Thursday of the month for now, so the next one should be next week. Does anyone know if Panama City has a drupal group that meets?


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Where are the Tallahassee meetups posted? Only on or do you have a group as well?


Miami Beach Drupal Group

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I would love to help organize a group in Miami Beach. There is a group up in Fort Lauderdale, the Broward group that meets, but that is like a foreign country, and nobody wants to drive on 95.

If you are interested in a Drupal group in MB, please let me know.

do it

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I guarantee that there are people in Miami Beach who would attend meetups. The key is to just schedule the first few months of meetups and give it time for the word to get out...


Miami Beach Drupal

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I use to have Drupal Meetings on Miami Beach but lost my location. I would like to start them back up again but I need help in doing so.

Why don't you contact me at: or call me and we will talk and see what we can do.

Thank You
Ronald Norman

Tampa/St Pete

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I will give Chris a hard time about not posting here, and if he doesnt have the time, I will step up and handle it.

Tallahassee Group

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We're still here, I haven't posted the last couple meetups because attendance had dropped off and it was just becoming too much work to get people to show. I was considering whether or not I should continue with the effort.

Last month, including myself, we had three attendees. The other two were Mike Wabiszewski who has been to just about every meeting and Gray Sadler who has also demonstrated his commitment to the group. We talked about how the group could be revitalized and Gray agreed to share in the responsibility of organizing and leading the meets. Mike is also willing to do whatever he can so it looks like we are going to get this thing moving again. We decided not to post an event on d.o this month so that we could discuss a strategy. We mentioned trying to get a guest presenter out here again so if there are any takers we would be grateful to you.

As a side note, I think it would be great for the community if there were some sort of chapter incubator program.


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