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Florida Drupal Meetups - financial support

Hey everybody,

Coming off yet another successful DrupalCamp Florida (thank you, volunteers!), a few of us were talking about how we can best reinvest some of the leftover funds we have from the camp back intp the community.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do is help grow and strengthen the Florida Drupal community.

With this in mind, we're happy to (re-)announce that if you are a Florida Drupal meetup organizer, you can request reimbursement for expenses to help grow and strengthen your local community.

We're willing to pay for things like:

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Drupal is a platform for cooperativism... coders and worker cooperatives, scholars and designers

Platform Cooperativism

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A Victoria Drupal Users Group Meetup Invitation

Please note that the Victoria (BC) Drupal Users Group's meetups are now held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the James Joyce Bistro in Peacock Billiards (corner of View & Douglas).

You can check us out and, should you feel inspired, join us at

Whether or not you choose to register as a Meetup member you would be welcome to drop-in to any of our monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of each month in the James Joyce Bistro in Peacock's Billiards (downstairs right on the corner of View & Douglas). The timing is:

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Miami Beach? Sarasota? Tallahaseee? Tampa? Where are your meetups?

Hey Palm Beach, Miami, Sarasota, Tallahassee, and Tampa Drupalers? Where are your meetups?

Ok - maybe that's not a fair question...

I realize that Palm Beach and Tampa have been posting their meetups on - but please also cross-post them here as well (Orlando does the same thing...)

How about you, Miami (looking for a new organizer?), Sarasota, and Tallahassee? Let's get things kick-started!


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Submit your sessions for the Site Building track at DrupalSouth 2014

I am excited to be the track chair for site building at DrupalSouth in Wellington next year and it's time to get your session proposals in!

Site building is the glue that pieces together a Drupal site and everyone has their favourite tools, tips and techniques for achieving requirements. I am also considering sessions around tools and techniques for content editors in this track and am up for hearing some wild ideas from new voices, so don't be afraid to submit a session idea no matter who you are or how new you may be to Drupal.

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Proposed Brevard meetup summer schedule

Hey everybody,

At last night's Brevard meetup, after an outstanding project management presentation by Robert Lazlo, we discussed future topics at Brevard meetups. Based on that discussion, here is the proposed schedule for the next couple of months:

  • Tuesday, July 9 - Responsive menus and navigation - Mike Anello
  • Thursday, July 25 - Search API and Facets - Caroline Achee, Git-Flow for Daily Use - Kevin Basarab
  • Monday, August 12 - Drupal 8 Preview - Robert Lazlo
  • Friday, August 23 - Proposed Florida Drupal Trivia night - more info coming soon.
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Post all Florida meetups on

Hey everybody,

Erik Bladwin (yes, that's the proper spelling as far as I'm concerned) and I recently took part in a DrupalCon Portland session entitled <a href=">Making Drupal Meetups and Events Rock. As part of our preparation we, along with the other panelists, set up an online survey about Drupal meetups. One of the more surprising datapoints that came out of it was over 50% of the 161 respondents indicated that was how people learned about their meetups. Perhaps we're missing an opportunity to grow the Florida community even more.

I know that in Brevard County, we're not using I'm not sure about the other local meetups around the state, but I think it's time that we make sure that we're all reaching as many Florida Drupaleros as possible.

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Local Calgary Meetups

Does anyone here attend these meetups in Calgary (other than iggi and togryzlo)?

Pixels and Pints

Calgary Drupal Meetup

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Drupal Mid-Sussex Meet - Should we create one??

Reaching out to the Mid-Sussex Drupal community..

I am looking to get a idea of interest for a regular Mid-Sussex Meetup, somewhere in or around Haywards Heath..

Nothing formal, just meet up, get to know who's around and chat about Drupal in general (amongst other things I'm sure)..


Let me know if your are interested?

What day of the week would generally be best?

How often we should plan to meet up? Weekly, Monthly, Fortnightly??

or anything else you would like...

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NYC Camp - Get Your Sessions In!

We're looking forward to everyone joining us in the Big Apple from July 19 to 23 for NYC Camp 2012!

NYC Camp (aka ‘nice camp’) is being held at Faculty House on Columbia University’s campus on the Upper West Side. NYC Camp has broadened a bit and now includes:

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