Reviews and Mentoring for heddn

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This page serves heddn's project application reviews and help to project application reviews. This is a part of mentoring to become a code review administrator eventually. Add any advice that you may have through comments.

I also lead a sprint for 5 people at DrupalCon Austin about this subject and was able to to provide mentorship about the process of applying for a full project.

  1. [D7] Commerce Google Tag Manager
  2. [D7] Commerce Authorize.Net Card Present
  3. [D7] ORCID
  4. [D7] Phone Number Field
  5. [D7] Semantic UI
  6. [D7] prettyPhoto Formatter
  7. [D8] Po Translations Report
  8. [D6][D7] Mobi2Go
  9. [D7] Views Database Connector
  10. [D7] Commerce Payfirma Payment Module
  11. [D7] MyCharts module
  12. [D7] Sticky Sharrre Bar
  13. [D7] Pagemanager path aliases
  14. [D7] Parsedown
  15. [D7] TukTuk
  16. [D7] File logger action
  17. [D7] Media Query Fallback
  18. [D7] Views Superglobals Default
  19. [D7] mixcloud_field
  20. [D7] Views COntent SCroll from EVerywhere
  21. D7 Commerce Postmaster
  22. [D7] Date Repeat Entity
  23. [D7] Commerce Coupon Free Shipping
  24. [D7] Scribble
  25. [D7] Region View Modes
  26. [D7] SMSGlobal
  27. [D7] Wikiloc
  28. [D7] Secure Services
  29. [D7] BIG FISH Payment Gateway - Übercart
  30. [D7] Page2Images Website Thumbnail
  31. [D7] Google Universal Analytics
  32. [D7] Mark as Read
  33. [D7] SIPml5 JavaScript library module for DruCall and WebRTC
  34. [D7] One time login password
  35. [7] Limit Publishing Options
  36. [D7] Entityqueue Scheduler
  37. [D7] Nodequeue References Dialog‎
  38. [D7] Ajax Region
  39. [D7] Rublon
  40. [D7] Export frontend translations
  41. [D7] Commerce RedeCard
  42. [D7] Context Cookie
  43. [D7] Backlinkseller
  44. [D7]Field From Field Collection
  45. UUID Features - Menu
  46. [D7] AddressField from Geofield
  47. [D7] Fluidbox
  48. [D7] QapTcha Integration
  49. [D7] Yottaa Optimizer
  50. [D7] DS Extra Layouts
  51. [D7] Euleo Übersetzungsbüro
  52. [D7] OExchange
  53. [D7] Proxy Auto
  54. [D7] Addressfield Autocomplete
  55. [D7] commerce_unionpay
  56. [D7] Flowdock Log
  57. [D7] CSS Crush
  58. [D7] Garmin Connector
  59. [D7] Geo Block
  60. Select option sort
  61. [D7] Numeric Field Filter
  62. ApacheSolr Advanced Search
  63. Wunderground API
  64. Services Login Limiter
  65. Apache Solr CSV
  66. Geofield Geocode


Nice list already! This looks

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Nice list already! This looks promising and I think you are on the way to become a git administrator on Feel free to ask any questions.

Good Work

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I have been spending some time reading other people reviews to try to get back into it, and yours are quite good.

Ok, I think you did a great

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Ok, I think you did a great job, so let's promote you to git administrator:

Please +1 there if you agree.

Congratulations, you are now

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Congratulations, you are now git administrator! I added you to the list of admins at . Instructions for approving people can be found at


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Thanks everyone for your warm support in this process.