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One of my sites is experiencing a Spam Issue through their contact web form. I know there are several module options out there like Captcha, ReCaptcha, Mollom and HoneyPot (to name a few). Does anyone have a any feedback on which one they feel is the most effective?



Mollom is a for-pay service,

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Mollom is a for-pay service, and it involves communication between your web server and mollom's server (for analysis of possibly-spammy data). Depending upon your customer's security requirements, this may or may not be acceptable. I know it cannot be used on dot-govs. Mollom has the reputation of being the most effective spam-control service if you can deal with those issues.

The captcha module is actually just an API. It contains a sample image captcha as a submodule, which may or may not be easily breakable. Recaptcha uses the captcha API as well. Recaptcha is the gold standard and doesn't cost a penny as long as you register with Google for an API key.

Thanks for the information

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Thanks for the information Daniel.


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Actually, Mollom has a free service -- for 50 posts/day (or less). I've used Mollom and LoginToboggan and Hidden Captcha; what you end up using often depends on your budget and your needs.

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Thanks for that feedback also

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Thanks for that feedback also - went with Captcha w/ reCaptcha - that seems to have done the trick.