Dublin Drupal Meetup - May

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2014-05-28 19:00 - 21:00 UTC
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User group meeting

Monthly Drupal Dublin meet up is wednesday May 28th from 7pm ay Dara Creative's offices, 19 Magennis Place, Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Format is a casual round table with impromptu presentations and discussion. All welcome.

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Does anyone have any particular topics to discuss or point of interest?


I'll be there

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I'll be there

I will be there. have one new

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I will be there.

have one new website to show :) with some new queries regarding veiws.

Count me in

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and I too will probably have a question about views.

See ye this evening


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D'ye know what'd be grand? A skype linkup for those of us in the rural west to join in.

There's a good quality mic in

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There's a good quality mic in the board room especially for this, so we can do voice and screenshare if you want.

All we need is a designated computer. We often tend to swap between people's laptops depending on who is demo-ing, but I'm sure we can resist it this time :)

Hi all, I'll be along too.

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Hi all, I'll be along too. I've never attended one of the meetups before and have dabbled in Drupal but I will be using it more in the future and thought it would be good to meet the people I'll be asking for advice in the future. See ye later.

I am a newbie as well, both

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I am a newbie as well, both to Drupal and to the group. See you later!

Another newbie here...

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I made a brief appearance at last years Drupal Camp, But i've never attended a meetup so looking forward to tonight.

I'm a not a coder or developer (so go soft on me), but I'm working on a Drupal site during my free time. I'd like to show it and get some feedback (time-allowing of course :)

Drupal Open Days Report-

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Possible topic for discussion: Open Days Report by Lisa

(Anybody got a pic or two to add?)


I have

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Hi Guys,

I have some photos from the weekend. Drop me a mail at info@adesignforlife.net

Belated happy birthday Lisa

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The Alan Cooper book is an unconventional present :-), but covers just about everything you could imagine on using Personas and Scenarios for improving user experience in software projects. I found it a great resource when preparing for workshops with clients and stakeholders.

@rob, thanks for posting Lisa'a review of Open Days

See ye all later