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I’m Sachini Herath, following my bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Currently pursuing my third year of study, I have worked on some projects using PHP and Symphony framework (You can find the source codes in github). I’m delighted to contribute to Drupal as my Google Summer of Code project this year.

I will be building a mapping tool as my GSoC project, mentored by Stéphane Corlosquet (scor) and Kevin O’Leary. The project consists of two components that will allow the site builders to integrate mappings to Drupal 8 sites. Although will be used as the main vocabulary for this tool, it will support any vocabulary aside from (FOAF, Dublin Core, etc). mapping tool:
When creating content types and fields, the site builder will be able to assign the appropriate mappings from The tool will use some heuristics to make context aware suggestions for the appropriate mappings. The suggestion will be based on the name of the content type or field and hierarchy. Content type builder:
The Content structure will be automatically built based on the the types and properties chosen by the site builder. The user can choose a type and then select the properties that need to be made available on site. The Content type will be generated using appropriate field types as specified in range of the property at

Wireframes of the tools can be found here. I will be committing changes to the sandbox project (

Feel free to contact me on IRC, I appear as ´sachini´. Looking forward for an exciting summer with Drupal!


Great Idea!

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Sachini, this sounds like a great project! If you need test cases, feel free to ping on me.

Our site,, currently adds JSON-LD by calling drupal_add_html_head() for our Dataset records at: But this project would be a much more elegant solution.

We are really looking forward to the outcomes of your project!

cheers, Adam

Good relations

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Great project! It would also be nice to include Good relations vocabulary.
Good luck!

This is excellent. I just

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This is excellent.

I just mentioned it on the forum for a popular Coursera MOOC about metadata.

Once the sandbox is promoted to a full project, and Drupal 8 is out, I am sure it will be widely used.

Project Released!!

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Hello eveyone,
This project is now released. The project page is

Thank you ashepherd, pinkonomy and John_B for the comments. I'm looking forward for your suggestions and comments!


Sachini, Thanks for your

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Thanks for your work.

I am curious if anyone is putting together a project to allow for downloading YAML (.yml) fields for various content types. If so, where's that conversation / project on D.O?

For instance, I'm about to build an Organization content type based on Since these are standard schemas it seems like devlelopers would be happy to import .yml files into their site for such standard content types.

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