Willing to take over as organizer and start regular meetups

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Hi all

The last time we tried to get together was http://www.meetup.com/Cincinnati-Drupal-Users-Group/events/83840362/

There were 3 of us there and it was kind of sad. It seems like there's not much movement from the group, but I wouldn't mind taking over and trying to organize something. It would be great to get together on a monthly or at least bi-monthly basis to chat about Drupal and support each other with what we've learned.


Looks like there is a new

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Looks like there is a new organizer on meetup.com, but not on here. How do you even change the organizer on here?

If anyone is interested we are having a meetup in Dayton - http://www.meetup.com/drupal-dayton/

I'd like to lead up...

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Hey Folks,

I'd be more than happy to lead up and organize meetings. @tomdisher, if you can - shoot me a note, and we can sync up and start meetings :D.

  • Brian

This group needs to be reactivated!

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Surely we can figure out some way to get it going again. We could use the main library in Cincinnati for the meetup spot (that was where we did it way back in the good old days).

I would would be interested

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Hi Derek! Yes it would be great if we could start meeting downtown again.

I go to some other meetups that meet at bars at the new Banks development. That works out great as there is lots of parking, food options, and after the meetup people hang out and have a beer.

I don't know if that would be possible though because we need a projector. But some of the bars actually have awesome projectors, which they may let us use. Hardly anyone is in the bars (e.g. Tin Roof or Jefferson Social) before 9 pm. Of course they want you to hold the meetup because people tend to stick around afterwards and have a beer. So not sure if that would work but might be worth looking into.


Sounds like a good idea Dave

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I would certainly be game for it! It would be nice to meet and greet with other Drupal people in the area. Are there any meetups (besides the seemingly defunct CINDUG group) that you would recommend?

It's good to hear from you again!

Cheers, Derek

Count me in

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If we are thinking of getting some meetings/Drupal get togethers in the Cincinnati area, I am all for it, and totally there.

Just wanted to let you know, and get on this thread in case there are updates.