Affiliate link in a module / Benefit from integration with a commercial web service

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I have developed a module that interfaces with the API of a commercial web service.

Am I allowed to put an affiliate link in my module, that people could follow and hopefully subscribe to the paid service, if they are not clients yet ?

Is there any other way to benefit from a Drupal integration with a commercial web service ?

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Referrals and credits

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I know that has a number of links and credits to the awesome work Volacci has done. Credits and references to developers is common. For third-party integrations you'll definitely see branding and stuff.

Modules like of course link to services that have paid subscriptions.

Also, project pages allow for things like flattr to make some money.

In terms of putting an affiliate link into the module, I don't personally see an issue with that, nor do I see how that would conflict with anything GPL-wise. Tons of WordPress plugins are packed full of annoying ads and links. LoL

My only advice would be to keep it tasteful and related to what you're doing. Also, if you're working with other contributors, be prepared to offer them some kind of support.