Drupal at OSCon

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2014-07-21 08:00 - 2014-07-23 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Hey Drupalers,

We have an opportunity to help represent Drupal at OSCon this year! We need your help to staff the booth, hand out swag, answer Drupal questions and generally be the human face (not Druplicon face) of Drupal.

Sign up for a 2hr timeslot (or a few slots) on the Google Doc:

Also, click over to the Tshirt sheet and add your name and size. The Drupal Association will be providing Drupal t-shirts for everyone who volunteers.


access to exhibitor floor

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Will we be given booth passes?

mpgeek and I will have

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mpgeek and I will have exhibitor passes from the DA to get in/out early/late for any setup needs. Everyone else can get free expo hall passes by using the coupon code UGEXPO.


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Can someone give address to the places please.

OSCon is held at the Portland

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OSCon is held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. You can find more info at http://www.oscon.com/oscon2014

Signed up

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I've put my name in a few slots. I'm flexible in the afternoons, so let me know if a different slot would work better.

Are the DA shirts different from the ones they've had before (lightish bright blue with white lettering)? If they're not different, I have one already. (I don't actually need any more t-shirts to stuff in my closet...)

I think they're the same

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I think they're the same shirts, but I can ask if they'll bring you a different/special one.

Signed up

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Thanks! This will be fun. I will be happy to help tear down, too.


More is better

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There's still a few slots that need people (in particular the Wed 4-6pm closing). And if there's a slot you want and it appears full, just add your name to the right!

Wednesday time slot...

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I'm signed up for a slot on Wednesday; however, my right leg is giving me a lot of trouble and it looks like I'm going to be home bound this week. As such, I'm going to have to miss out on OSCON this year. I was really looking forward to going and meeting some folks.

Hopefully all goes well

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Hopefully all goes well tomorrow. I found out it was actually a kidney stone causing the issues with my right back/hip/leg, so I am definitely stuck at home this week. I'd much rather be at OSCON with you guys!