Responsive theme

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I am looking for a responsive Drupal 6 theme.

Is there any way to create a responsive theme for Drupal 6? Can somebody create it for me or just let me know where to find or where to buy such a theme.

Big thanks in advance!


D6 responsiveness

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You could create a custom theme that is based in part off of the Bootstrap theme.

Basically Bootstrap elegantly handles @media queries and image width and heights. All in all that's all it is along with a bunch of helper classes and things to make super fast and efficient.

You would not get all the bonus stuff but if you just use their col- classes and media queries along with their img-responsive class you'll be good to go.

If you don't know CSS this will be a bit more challenging.

A word of caution... If site performance (aka page load times) are of any importance to you I recommend again using heavy themes such as Adaptive and Zen base themes. I've used both and worked with clients who had already one of the other and having a lot of experience with Bootstrap I can tell you neither are lite by any means. However, the heavier themes do benefit those less savvy with CSS. Just be careful and weigh the pros and cons of each solution.