High latency with loading images

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Hi there, have a website which seems to have very high latency with rendering images.

There is nothing special going on here, images are fields on content. Rendered using no Image style, from the same server, from the default path on the drive, anonymous users, performance caching is set to enabled, cache cleared, nothing in the logs, TOP from the prompt shows tons of free memory but I am getting lags of 12second latency on loading image assets even though the rest of the page loads fine.

Phpini shows 140MB of memory set.

What are other possible causes for this?




Serving images straight off

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Serving images straight off the file system won't take a lot of memory.

It's possible that Apache has a maxclients setting that's too low, or that you're in line with everyone else making requests to the same web server.

If this slowdown is due to the web host, consider using a CDN.

If Drupal is indeed generating the images, check out Imageinfo Cache:


Thanks Christo, after

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Thanks Christo, after checking everything I could think of the site "spontaneously" got a lot better and now loads fine, the provider says they didn't do anything to fix it and that they didn't see any reason why it was slow this morning... sigh. At least it seems to have self fixed itself! Thanks for your input, for a CDN I know this account has access to CloudFlare via my cpanel, which I will consider if the problem reoccurs again.

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