Image Action for Blend mode: Darken or Multiply?

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Hi There, anyone have any code written for a custom Image Style Action that will blend (darken or multiply) an image into a canvas color I provide?

I've been toying with Image Styles Actions module and I can't seem to find a darken/multiply blend mode.

I can't install ImageMagick on this server, if that's important. So I'm hoping for an Action I can load that will process the images as necessary.

Any way to do this with Image Actions or with custom code?



Try im_raw

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If stacking the actions isn't working for you, consider using the ImageMagick Raw module to provide any custom settings to ImageMagick.

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Thanks for the mention! I

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Thanks for the mention! I became the maintainer of im_raw this week. The timing of your comment couldn't have been better.

Hi Chris, thanks for the

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Hi Chris, thanks for the recommendation. I checked im_raw and it says thought that imagemagick is required? As per my first post: I can't set that up on this server...

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Okay I'm still stuck here,

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Okay I'm still stuck here, anyone want to offer a price for coding this PHP snippet? no imagemagick available on the server, has to be done with just Image Style Actions.

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Is there something in image

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Is there something in image style actions that is missing? From looking at the module page, it specifically mentions it allows alpha blending. And you should be able to do it with the PHP GD library (thus not requiring imagemagick at all).

So, the module of the day is:

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So, the module of the day is: Imagecache Actions (they kept the name from the d6 days but yeah, it can be tough to figure out). Anyways, it has capabilities to add an overlay or add alpha transparency (or flatten to a color), and it all seems to work. So you might not need to do any php coding for this?


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Just a thought: you might be able to implement such an action using SASS using mixins like lighten/darken etc:

(I'm not completely sure of the implementation, but I suspect it will end up doing just doing what some of the other methods outlined above are suggesting, just via different route).

HTH, Jeff

Interesting approach.

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If the image is just for display on the site (ie no one going to be upset downloads/saves it and they find it looks different), this is a really interesting approach to solve the issue (since it would just be css rules) and you end up having fewer things to worry about. This is def. an approach I'll think about the next time I have styles that are not width/height based. The one thing you would want to make sure is that your image somehow ends up with the classes you want so this is flexible enough.

If you're looking to explicitly alter the image, then I suggest imagecache_actions from above.


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Views is your best friend here again. You can assign a class that is associated with a field usingthe Styles portion of the interface (e.g. blended-image). then you might end up with a declaration in your SASS/css file like:

.blended-image {
background: mix(black, white, 50%);
background: rgba(black, 0.5);

If your out to try al sorts of unusual solutions, you could use a special views.tpl.php file to customize the styling in much the same way you do with any other .tpl.php file: your view could use a views-field--blended-image.tpl.php (assuming that you set up your view to use a 'blended-image' field as part of the fields list for the view. Not the most obvious way to do it, but it allows you complete control over how the content for any particular field is rendered, without writing your own module to handle a special case.

Hi there thanks for all the

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Hi there thanks for all the replies!

So I've toyed with the settings in ImageCache Actions further but I just can't replicate the effect I need. It is not transparency (alpha), it is not a hue shift, it is a blend mode. Maybe I just don't know which combination I need to use? It is certainly possible.

Here is what it should look like:

Left: original, Right: the blended mode airplane on top of a red background:

The blend mode is: Darken I need, although I could work with Multiply as well if necessary.

I would use SASS/CSS to blend it, but the support for blend modes is just not where it needs to be yet:

And it HAS to look correct, I can't have it look different on Safari for example, or older browsers, so I need to process the image, not use CSS.

@BTMash I tried to look up PHP GD library but I didn't see any specific functions for what I need, note that this is not something I do every day though, so a blend mode here might be obvious to someone else who uses this tool. Is this the function that I need?

I am happy to implement a function into a custom action, if I know that the function I am trying to use is an actual Darken blend mode.

Naturally I'd rather just use a custom Image Cache Action.

PS I meant in my original post ImageCache Action, but I had assumed in my head that Cache = Style because of the D7 change.

Thanks for any insight or even just to say that it is indeed possible with ImageCache, any pointers to which combination you are using to make it work would be golden cause I've toyed with it for too long already to no avail... thanks!

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Watermark overlay transparent png

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This can be some using a watermark png overlay with transparency somewhere in the 35-50% range (my guess) which will obviously work on all browsers.

Thanks @blasthaus, watermark

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Thanks @blasthaus, watermark with a solid red file being used that is applied over the top gets me fairly close, but this is still not a blend effect, here are the results of several settings:

As you can see the image retains its look, but it needs to actually darken, like the darken effect implies. If I try to desaturate it loses the transparent edges, so that is a no-go.

I can keep reducing the brightness but you lose all the details and it just becomes a silhouette.

Any new ideas?

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Tim Thumb

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Just another approach:
a) Have you tried the Tim Thumb module?
It will give you a number of capabilities that you can dynamically apply to your image. Check this and when flipping through some of the details, check the demos. I think you may be particularly interested in the use of filters

HTH, Jeff

Thanks fejn,I checked the

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Thanks fejn,

I checked the module, but it doesn't actually offer either of the blend modes I require:

We have colorize, but that isn't what I need. I need Darken:

At this point I';d like to get a quote from someone to code this in PHP, I'm just swamped with work currently and could use some help getting this sorted. I believe it can be done in PHP using GD and ImageCache Actions (custom)

Thanks to whoever reads this and can provide me with a price quote!



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Darken / Multiply actions for imageCache

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Hi Seb,

I went a tiny step further and by made GD-based modules for both darken and multiply blend modes, which allow you to choose which image you want to use for each step of the image style, without having to fiddle with PHP code in a custom action, or giving any user the right to use PHP snippets, which scares me.

It naïvely applies the overlays to the top left corner of the base image, so make sure the base has the same dimensions as the overlay for best results.

It's not rigorously tested or optimised for speed in any way, and was cobbled together based on existing actions and the definition of the blend modes in a few hours, but if it works for you, feel free to donate to the PayPal account linked below the download link:


Two and half years later...

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...there are about 250 downloads of these modules, yet not a single response. I'm curious- is it working for you? Where are you using it?

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