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Performance Improvement via Proxies

As mentioned in a previous post, I am having performance issues with a site I manage, One person has (forcibly) suggested using Squid as a reverse-proxy to improve performance. I have not heard that discussed in any Drupal meeting. I hear Varnish.

I have researched the web on both proxies and have found a lot of useful information, but (at least so far) not answers to these questions.

  • Does anyone have experience with both?
  • Are there any specific recommendations or concerns with using either?


Leonard Daly

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Site Performance is Poor

I remember there were high-performance meetups a while ago. I don't see the group so I'm asking LA Drupal. I will be at the meeting tonight if you wish to discuss then.

The site is used world-wide in a shared-hosting environment, but there is little else on the server. It runs Drupal 7 (last updated in December). Sporadically it receives a large number of requests from IP addresses all around the world. Some of the requests are from bots that appear to honor the 'Crawl-delay' of 60 seconds. A (very) few do not.

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Image Action for Blend mode: Darken or Multiply?

Hi There, anyone have any code written for a custom Image Style Action that will blend (darken or multiply) an image into a canvas color I provide?

I've been toying with Image Styles Actions module and I can't seem to find a darken/multiply blend mode.

I can't install ImageMagick on this server, if that's important. So I'm hoping for an Action I can load that will process the images as necessary.

Any way to do this with Image Actions or with custom code?


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need your comment to improve my new drupal 6.0 websites

Hello All,

Please guide me to improve these drupal 6.0 sites.

Sonu Goyal

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Users and permissions

Hi all,
Wondering if somebody can point me in the right direction.

I need to have a Role that can administer users and permissions for all roles with the exception of Administrator role (for obvious reasons).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Problem displayed files uploaded with 'encrypted_files'

I have a problem with the 'encrypted_files' module. I can upload files and they appear to be correctly encrypted; however, I am unable to download and display the file. There appears to be errors in the database entry associated with those files. I have created a test site at that allows anyone to test the upload using a 'Basic Page'.

A bug report has been opened with the project at with all of the details of my discovery. Unfortunately, there has been no responses from the project maintainer.

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How to tell what theme a site is using


This site's design: looks very familiar to me. It looks very close to an existing drupal theme, whose name I cannot think of right now. Can you tell?

Is there a way to tell what theme a given is using. I am thinking probably not, but perhaps some of you have figured out some way to make an educated guess.

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Why ere Delta and Omega Tools for D6 downloads removed?

Anyone else getting Available Updates errors for the two modules in D6 of Delta and Omega Tools. I was just learning them. I have not found any reason, no Issue queue item, and #drupal-support knew nothing.

Where else can I find info? The last commit was months ago. So, it's very strange for the D6 downloads to 'disappear'.

I'm assuming it's a glitch. Who do I tell, or ask for more info?

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How to edit the Media fields


In Drupal 7.22, when I go to the media library at admin/content/media and click on a thumbnail, I see page for setting title and description for that image, URL such as media/4051/edit?destination=admin/content/media

But on my site, drupal won't let me save asking me to set the required field "License settings for this image" and the "Media Folder". But the dropdown for license setting contains no selection so impossible to set any license setting.



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Want to select items by class in a list (views)

I want to be able to highlight selected items in a list. Each item in the list is generated by a specific content type, and I'm using views to present the list as both a block on some pages, and a separate page. Is there a way to pull out certain items in the list and assign a class? I started by adding a field to the content type, so as to flag the specific item. I tried using Context but haven't been able to make it work. Any ideas on how to make this work? (Site is in Drupal 7).

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