Increased response time after migrating PHP5.3 to PHP5.5

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We have just completed an update of PHP on our servers. We went from 5.3 to 5.5. We have a pretty big site with lots of nodes, blocks, views, modules and users. Everything was working "ok" (there are some area's we know we can improve) but now with php 5.5 our response time has almost tripled on our main Drupal 7 instalation. On other Drupal 7 instalation the response times went down.

Digging more in to this we found that there were 3 hooks that really caused this increase:
- init
- entity_property_info
- views_data

We are using all the goodies to increase our performance: PHP runs in FPM, we have memcache, varnish, PHP OPcache.

Has anyone else had some problems with using PHP 5.5 for a large site?


One possible explanation is a

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One possible explanation is a lot of silent warnings and notices being generated. Try turning on logging and changing the error_reporting setting in PHP to show notices and warnings. Also, if they're already being logged, this could be another factor in the slow down due to the volume of logging. Hope this helps.

Fix the code that throws the most errors first

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Query that sorts php errors by occurrence in watchdog:

Thanx for the sugestions. The

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Thanx for the sugestions.

The weirdest thing happened, overnight the response time had a massive drop. We are now running faster than we were on PHP 5.3 without changing a thing.

Looks like we gained 20% just by upgrading PHP and nothing broke, easy gain in the end!