Community Media Starter module

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Today I finally applied to promote my CM Starter sandbox to a full project on My goal for this module is to bring together base configurations in the from of Feature exports that anyone can use to get started with the Community Media Starterkit Easy. For the sake of keeping the module light during the application process it only contains a Feature called CM Starter Calendar which is a simple events calendar that consists of a FullCalendar view, Event content type and an Event Type taxonomy. Eventually, it would be great if this module evolved to be the entire base configuration for the Starterkit. Anyone interested in helping with this effort can contribute a Feature for possible inclusion in the project. Thanks to @jdcreativity and @soniat for already helping with a Show Feature. which will contain basic fields that can be used out of the box.


I've done everything I can to

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I've done everything I can to get this promoted without circumventing the systems the Drupal community has (allowed to be) put in place.

  1. I added to the existing project review and explained the situation
  2. I asked a few people I know that maintain the project review process to give @avguy an exception and just promote the project. I was told that the only way to speed up the process was to follow the review bonus.
  3. Last night I reviewed 2 more projects trying to get through the same process @avguy is, added the links to all 3 projects I've reviewed to, and gave it the bonus tag
  4. Then I added a comment to the complaints about the process

Because of the permissions I have on, I could easily route around this problem. I can also move some of our code to GitHub and pull the Features into our distributions from there. This would solve the immediate problem, but not the bigger issue. We would just run into this again the next time someone wanted to take on more responsibility like @avguy is doing.

The project review process needs to be fixed, but making the ESK more usable when it's first installed is also a priority. If this isn't promoted by Monday, I'll start working around it.

This shouldn't stop the work on additional features. The works in progress are now linked from People with ideas and/or willing to contribute to the development of other Features should open issues in that queue.

Getting frustrated when I forced to jump through hoops to collaborate effectively makes me empathize with people who aren't as familiar with "the Drupal way" of doing things who I ask to do X, Y, or Z. I'm open to ways to improve our process... as long as the request doesn't start with "it would be great if you...".

Like Drupal, this is doacracy. If you want something improved, make it happen. If you don't know how, ask.