Miami Drupal Meetup: "Headless Drupal" September 23, 2014

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Hey Miami Drupalistas!
I'm trying to put together a meetup for 9/23/14 (Tuesday night). The topic will be Headless Drupal. Is anyone in the Miami area working on a headless Drupal project? Please comment if you are (and even if you're not!)
Also, please suggest a location (prefer a free, but secluded one).

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Will be starting a project in a few weeks

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I'm very interested in the topic of "headless" or decoupled Drupal. I'm starting a project in a few weeks using an Angular frontend with Drupal on the backend. Not very experienced at this point - fortunately the project lends itself to learning as we go. I'd love to hear what others are doing.

John Hannah
Friendly Machine

Headless Meetup

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Hey John,
That sounds awesome. Are you available on 9/23? Do you know a good place to have a Drupal Meetup in Miami?

I might be available

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I live in Naples, but might be able to make it. The topic is very interesting, so I was thinking it might be worth the drive. Unfortunately, I don't Miami very well.

John Hannah
Friendly Machine

Place to meet in Miami

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Hey John,
I'm in a similar boat. Right now I'm in Baltimore, but will be in Miami during that week. Do you know anyone in the Miami Drupal users group? I wonder where they meet?

Unfortunately, no...

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I'm not familiar with the Miami group. Maybe this post will get a bite from one of them.

John Hannah
Friendly Machine

Hello Miami Drupal people ! Are you out there??

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I agree,
Hello Miami Drupal people ! Are you out there?? (lol)

Drupal Meeting in Miami

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I am interested.

Give me a call 786-286-0773 and we'll work on it with you

Ron Norman

Ok, will call

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I'll give you a call tomorrow. thx. JR

I'm interested

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I have been at a great meetup of front end developers in Miami; lots of cool stuff discussed there. This may be of interest to the front end folks. I wonder if we could partner with them on this one.

Being able to provide CMS capabilities to the many UI frameworks out there would be amazing. Understanding requirements from the point of view of the front end developers would be very good also.

front end developers

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Hey JC, this is very good idea. Is there an angular.js group in Miami? (or node.js group?)

Did you guys have the meetup?

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Did you guys have the meetup? I have been waiting on notes as I can't drive that far to you guys. Are you combining meet-ups with the Broward Group?


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