Drupal Camp Bristol 2015 volunteer intros

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Drupal Camp Bristol will take a lot of organising and require help and contribution at many different levels.

It has just kicked of here: https://groups.drupal.org/node/446078 and here: https://trello.com/b/QBuupC0W/general# big thanks to all those who are already starting to help and to those who already started the investigation over the last few weeks.

Very early days yet, a more organised structure will take shape over the next few weeks, but I think we can safely say the first hurdle has been passed: there is considerable appetite for it and already a number of people and organisations prepared to get involved.

Groups is not the best place to organise, we have one discussion at the moment for everything!, this one is for people/organisations to offer help.

Briefly describe who or what you are, what skills or abilities you can can bring and how you think you may be able to help us organise a terrific Drupal Camp Bristol for 2015. Don't feel shy to state what you would like to get out of it, there is nothing wrong in using this as an opportunity to use/polish some of your secondary skills and or to learn something new, organisations should expect to get some sort of exposure (perhaps in novel ways). Do be honest about the time and resources you may be able to offer, we don't want this to make anybodies life hard.

I will add mine a little later today.



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I am a freelance and contract Web Developer, mostly Drupal, some ExpressionEngine and a little bespoke PHP. I usually work on backend systems with periodic episodes of frontend work. I have been working with Drupal for about 4 -5 years, mostly Drupal 7 these days but Drupal 6 won't lie down and die.

Personal development wise I am mostly interested in Drupal 8, and increasingly in areas that are currently referred to as devops. My favorite programming language is Python and I have ancient history with Java, Perl etc. Aside from any organisational, website or social networking help I may be able to give, I am also keen to find out about how to market an event such as this.

I am keen to develop the presence and reach of Drupal Bristol, and have had some involvement in the group, I want to kick off a collaborative Drupal 8 site for the group soon.

I think Drupalcamp Bristol will be an excellent opportunity to promote Drupal in the Bristol and Southwest area plus raise exposure for the companies that use Drupal. I can devote some time towards the organisation and social networking aspects, plus help with the website if needed (appreciate that D8 is not the best choice for this ;)).

Sometimes I have more time than others, although I usually devote a fair amount of time to personal projects etc. all time is my own and I don't have a company or organisation that can give me any paid time towards this sort of work.

I want to ensure that I put some effort in early on but probably shouldn't take on anything too mission critical over the full term, I have two time threats early next year, one is a huge project that may come off (any probably suck up much of my time if it does), the other a possible chance to do some travelling.

Hope this helps.

Oliver Davies

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I'm Oliver, a Drupal Developer for the Drupal Association and part-time freelancer based in Wales.

Primarily self-taught, I started Drupal in 2007 and then became a full time Developer in 2010. After being involved with the South Wales Drupal group, I joined Drupal Bristol in 2011 when I started working in for an agency in Bristol, and organised one of the meetups at our offices. After a spell working back in Cardiff, I became involved with the Bristol group again after starting my job with the Drupal Association earlier this year.

I was keen to start the discussion again about a DrupalCamp in Bristol, mainly because we aren't represented in the UK Camp schedule, which is a shame considering the number of local Developers, agencies and end users. After mentioning it to various UK people at DrupalCon Amsterdam, there seemed to be an interest for it, so it's great to see the progress and enthusiasm happening.

I'm happy to help with pretty much anything, although not being based in Bristol, maybe some things like venue selection would be better left to others. I'm able to travel across for committee meetings, although ideally we'd do these on the afternoon of the normal meetups to avoid extra travelling. Some sprints with some informal mentoring, and/or some training on offer at the Camp would also be great to help get more people using and contributing to Drupal.

Tom Metcalfe

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Hi Guys,

My name is Tom I'm a freelance Drupal dev based in Bristol.

Happy to get involved as best I can and get this camp up and running!



Rick Donohoe

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My name is Rick and I work for Microserve as a Technical Project Manager, although I also get involved with new business and processes, and have a history of site-building.

I've been involved with Drupal for almost 3 years now, with most of this being Drupal 7 with the odd stint of Drupal 6. To be perfectly honest I haven't looked much into Drupal 8 as I think unlike devs, my role probably requires less knowledge to get up to date when the time is right.

I've been to DrupalCon Amsterdam and Prague and also attended DrupalCamp London for the past 2 years as a sponsor. Like others I've always thought Bristol has the talent and the business to warrant a DrupalCamp, so now is the time to start!

I got the ball rolling by making things official with DA, so I guess my official role within the camp is the lead fiscal contact. Microserve is keen to be a leading Sponsor so I'm sure I will have time each week to give to the camp, although I'm sure there will be plenty of time required outside of work hours too!

Looking forward to hearing from others and getting the first official meeting under way!

Mike Dodd

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Hi Guys,

My name is Mike Dodd and I'm a freelance Drupal Devloper based in Bristol.

I have been involved with Drupal since 2008 (Drupal 5 days) and have worked on hundreds of Druapl sites both large and small.

Happy to get involved in any areas that are required to get this camp up and running!


Mike Dodd

Better to be a geek than an idiot.
My software never has bugs. It just develops random features . . .

Mark Pavlitski

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My name is Mark and I'm Head of tech at Microserve.

I cut my teeth on Drupal 5 about 7 years ago and have been involved with just about every size and shape of Drupal project since then.

Over the last 18 months I have been promoting Drupal community outreach and contribution internally at Microserve alongside Rick, and this has become a big part of our company ethos.

I think Bristol and the South West is really under-represented in the Drupal community given how much local interest and support there is and I'm really keen to see D.C. Bristol succeed.

I guess I'll be managing the sponsorship and resourcing from the Microserve side, but also really keen to help out wherever I'm needed.

Jon Hadley

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Hi all,

My name is Jon Hadley, I'm Head of Technology at Positive. We use Drupal & open-source platforms to deliver results for Charity, Not for Profits, Education & others.

I've been a web developer, in and around Bristol, for the last 15 years - previously at Sift Digital and Aardman Animations. I've also attended a fair number of conferences, hack days and Barcamps, the experience of which I hope will be useful to this effort.

I'm already involved in the planning via Trello. We're happy to provide time, space and financial resource to help Drupal Camp Bristol succeed.

Bristol as a 'digtial-hub', really punches above it's weight, not only in Drupal - it's about time we advertised that more. I'm hopeful we can focus some national tech and client attention and attract more talent to our growing community.

Glenn Barr

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I'm Glenn, a drupal developer working at Torchbox in Bristol since last December. Prior to that I was at a small Bristol agency as the only tech.

I'm planning on playing a part in the organisation of Front End United next year, which seems to be being driven by Justine, who also works for Torchbox.

Echoing other sentiments around here, I'm happy to help out wherever is necessary, but I'd like to mention that I used to work as a lighting technician for conference, exhibition and events, so have contacts in the lighting, sound and AV hire industries.

I'm hoping that this could widen our choices of venue, rather than being reliant on using venues that can provide tech for us.

I also used to work manufacturing bespoke products, from life-sized rhinos to stage props for touring bands. Not sure how that's going to help, but you never know.

Cheers, hope to see you all soon.

Adrian Bateman

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I'm Adrian and I've been using Drupal since 4.7. I have been contracting as a Drupal developer for the last 4 years and
I'm currently working for Bristol City Council.

I'm happy to help with anything to get the camp ready.

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If you have posted and are not directly involved yet, don't worry we will be in touch and thanks for taking the time to post :)

I suspect more help will be required starting early 2015.

We will need more volunteers, so more posts here are very very VERY welcome.