Duplicate groups

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I noticed two new groups that are duplicates:

https://groups.drupal.org/classified-advertising vs https://groups.drupal.org/classifieds


https://groups.drupal.org/programming-social-networking-communities vs both https://groups.drupal.org/social-networking-sites and https://groups.drupal.org/community

I haven't been back for that long so I'm not sure where we stand, now, on dupes. Should these be merged?



No moderation?

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This seems to be part of a larger problem... Is group creation no longer moderated? There's more stuff in the "New groups" block that shouldn't be groups.

Briefly, yes

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The moderation system was changed recently (see https://www.drupal.org/node/2281715) and there was a brief period of time when we had no moderation system in place. Groups added during that time missed being automatically flagged for moderation. I'll be manually flagging them, and after they're flagged, they won't be visible on most of the site. And they'll eventually be moderated, and presumably deleted.


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Ah, that explains why the moderate block is gone. Probably just as well... It seemed kinda neglected. I would go in now and then and delete the obvious spam but never got much farther than that.