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This is a group for everyone where we can discuss what it is that makes for a rich and robust community -- from the perspective of web developer, designer, evangelist, organization, member ... always with an eye on Drupal.

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Ok i think i have local dialed in. "The most accurate and up-to-date" Would love to here the negatives.

we have about 2000 businesses in Pendleton, Oregon, USA

Using lat/lon for address (plus regular address.) reading is 4' in front of door plus have a 2nd door lat/lon field and quick lat/lon map. (great for chow carts.) using blackberry satellite app not using cell tower lat/lon do not have a computer phone, still seeing if the 2 jive.

paying people $1.00 per update/database correction. This one thing changes everything.

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DrupalCampTLV Israel

2016-11-29 09:00 - 17:00 Asia/Jerusalem
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Come join us for the 5th Israel DrupalCamp!
It's a one day Drupal event with training and Advanced Drupal sessions,
and you will have the chance to meet the local community, great organization which use Drupal, and amazing sessions!

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drupal 8 question

would like to let people down load a copy of my site.

Do not have time to make a profile and plan to give the: sites, theme and module folder and the database .sql file.

i plan to have people change the database & user name and password plus change admin name/password. i noticed there is a new unique number generated in sites/files and i am sure the salt encryption number is site unique.

My question to any d8's can You think of any other single site specific numbers i need to change before i hand out copies.

Thank You!

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Co-working Space / Arbeitsplatz Berlin-Kreuzberg

In einem schönen und hellen Büro in Kreuzberg sind ab sofort Arbeitsplätze frei. Gesucht werden Freelancer, die einen ruhigen Arbeitsplatz suchen und es auch gerne warm mögen ;-)

Das Büro befindet sich in der Nähe vom Görlitzer Bahnhof.

Raum mit 5 Arbeitsplätzen, Besprechungsraum mit Besprechungstisch, WLAN, Telefon- und Faxflat ins deutsche Festnetz, vollausgestattete Küche, WC

KOSTEN: 280EUR (zzgl. 19% Mwst.) / Arbeitsplatz

WLAN, DSL, inklusive Strom, Nebenkosten, Reinigung

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Proposed Solution For Recruiting More Mentors and Contributors

Bellow is a summary of BOF's talk on DrupalCon Barcelona.

The problems:

  • Useful modules are being abandoned because maintainers are not supporting them
  • New Drupal contributors are creating “useless” modules just to get access for creating full projects




  • A page listing abandoned modules that is well promoted
  • New members may find a module they would like to support, and become a co-maintainer by solving issues and submitting patches
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    Free Webinar by Megan Sanicki, COO, Drupal Association: Cracking the Community Code

    2015-04-15 21:30 - 22:30 Asia/Kolkata
    Event type: 
    Training (free or commercial)

    Building communities is an artsy science that is a strategic initiative for organizations of all kinds from nonprofit to for-profit. In this webinar, we will remove the mystery of building thriving online communities. We will look at community building best practices from leading community managers such as Jono Bacon of Ubuntu, and will understand how to use these pro-tips to grow and nurture global communities through a case study on Drupal.

    Why Should You Attend This?

    o To learn how the Drupal community grows and is nurtured
    o To learn about the community management best practices

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    Forcontu is offering 10 x Drupal Training Scholarships

    Forcontu is offering 10 x Training Scholarships for the Expert in Drupal 7 online course (valued at USD1350). If you want to apply, complete the form before April 15, 2015. On April 16 we will announce the 10 winners of a scholarship to join the course completely free. The course will be conducted from May 4 to December 4 (7 months).

    More information and registration at:

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope all is well wanted to show case our site once You understand drupal You really can make the net do anything. finishing up the cat directory next week then will see what thousands of records in the directory will look like. Have the power of feeds to instantly fill the database. Content is everything we are paying a dollar for every record update anyone finds like a wrong phone number or address. working to be the most accurate and up to date. Would love to hear what others are doing.

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    Best practices for building local community sites

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss best practices for building local community sites.

    I am building a local community site in D7. This is my first community site, so I started this thread to see if anyone has advice for a local community site newbie.

    I know that this advice may vary depending on the type of community, but hopefully there are some common threads between all local community sites.

    I did not make this thread too specific on purpose so this can be an open discussion related to building local community sites with Drupal 7.


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    Drupal 4 Good session at DrupalCon Portland?

    Hello all,

    Is anyone submitting a Drupal 4 Good session proposal for DrupalCon Portland?

    If so, shall we join forces and aim for a stronger session?

    I'm the project lead for VoIP Drupal [1], an open source framework that enables the construction of Drupal systems integrating regular touchtone phones, the Web, SMS, and other channels in a variety of ways, facilitating community outreach and providing an online presence even to those who are technically challenged, or who do not have regular access to computers.

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    Using VoIP Drupal for social inclusion and civic empowerment in Wisconsin

    Hello all,

    Last week, I attended the 2012 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference at the MIT Media Lab and had the opportunity to do a 5-minute "ignite talk" about the What's Up initiative that we are carrying in Wisconsin:

    Built on VoIP Drupal (, What's Up is a software platform designed to allow people in a small geographic community to share information, plan events and make decisions, using media that is as broadly inclusive as possible.

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    How to create "Community"

    This isn't really a technical question... I'm mostly kicking off a conversation....

    How do you build a community with Drupal? Here are some of the ideas I am coming up with.

    1) Have it easy for people to log in with their existing accounts (Facebook/Twitter etc)
    1a) Fetch their icon photos from Facebook
    2) Have people "follow" others with the same interests
    3) Have an extensive User Profile system
    4) Have a private messaging system
    5) Also post to Facebook and Twitter to help piggy back off users' communities on those systems....

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    VoIP Drupal webinar: Building sites that make and receive phone calls

    Event type: 
    Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

    Hello everyone,

    We are very happy to introduce you to the latest and greatest features of the VoIP Drupal platform!

    As part of this webinar, you will learn about VoIP Drupal, a new open source framework that makes it easy to build websites that almost literally pick-up the phone, make calls, record messages, broadcast audio, and more.

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    Community and Drupal forum site examples? General recomendations

    Hi everyone,

    Have a task to build a community site. To put simply: 50% of features will be forum, community faq with voting, the other 50% will include e-zine, maybe some kind o a shop, link directory, user rating and etc, not much social networking stuff.
    I am leaning to Commons installation, but it is not exactly what I want to start with.

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    Hi All,
    We are making a zeda drupal profile with a easy to use business directory and art market. Then a drupalgardens type site for so someone could easily start a zeda for there town or area. i see how to set up the site with PHP to add the site to sites/all/ i just do not see how to set up the sub directory on the server do i need to use .cgi to do this?

    also any pros or cons on WA/OR based for hosting.



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    Purpose of this group?

    The purpose of this group was discussing making online communities using Drupal. For quite some time now all the posts have been about the Drupal community specifically and not really anything to do with the original intent.

    I was going to clear out all the off topic posts but then started wondering if there's any point? Does anyone want to discuss building communities anymore? Or should this group just be changed to "Drupal community"?


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    VoIP Drupal Beta 5 is out! Now with "deep SMS integration"!

    Hello all,

    We are happy to announce the release of VoIP Drupal Beta 5!

    The main goal of this release is to extend VoIP Drupal's SMS capabilities by
    a) integrating VoIP Drupal with Drupal's SMS Framework and, with that, compensate for the lack SMS support provided by major VoIP services (such as Tropo or Twilio) outside of the North American market;
    b) providing ways for users to carry conversations over SMS (or any other text-based network such as IM, email, Twitter, etc.);
    c) enabling the creation of calls that combine text and voice channels in some very interesting ways.

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    How to prevent user/pass email being seen as junk

    This is about that first email that is sent out by Drupal sites to newly registered Drupal users, welcoming them and telling them what their initial user name and password are.

    We've found that:
    1) these emails often end up in people's junk/SPAM folder (depending on the email client and SPAM filters used)
    2) people don't check their junk/SPAM folder enough, so many never return to our site

    Apart from more clearly stating on the registration form that newly registered users should check their junk folders, we've been wondering what can be done to reduce chances of this happening?

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    Join us for the 1st ever VoIP Drupal webinar! May 12 @ 1pm EST

    Inspired by public demand, we are organizing the 1st ever VoIP Drupal webinar on Thursday, May 12th @ 1pm EST!

    As part of this webinar, you will learn about VoIP Drupal, a new framework that makes it easy to build websites that literally pick-up the phone, make calls, record messages, broadcast audio, and more.

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    Invite a friend - Please help build this functionality

    Hello lovelies :)

    I need to build an invite/evite a friend page for my drupal church site that replicates this functionality:
    Can someone tell me where to start? What modules can help me build this feature? Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated : )

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