Notes from August meetup

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I said I'd post these after the last meetup, and so I am! A little bit late perhaps, but here they are...

A list of possible things we could do (other than listen to talks) together:

  • Challenge - publish a Drupal challenge and get people to submit answers/solutions on the day at the venue.
  • Bring along a problem and test the knowledge of the group. Can we fix it? Yes we can! (Hopefully...)
  • Strange, wonderful and different uses of Drupal. Showcase some bizarre stuff.
  • Bad examples of Drupal and great examples of Drupal.
  • Create a skills/knowledge bank - who knows what and who can help who?
  • What sites resources have helped you on your Drupal path? Eg books, sites, people...
  • Share examples of something you've cocked up badly - learn from each other's mistakes.
  • Build a site together
  • All wales?
  • Who can come up with the best alternative meaning for SWDUG? Just for a laugh!

(Why try to emulate what others do? Why not just do what works for you? A group should be organic, not a carbon copy.)

I'm inclined to agree with the last point actually. I think having the same format all the time might be a bit stagnant, and I wonder what we could do with the time we might gain from not doing talks for a session or two (or more, if it works)?


All wales? This is an

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All wales?

This is an interesting point. Slightly different to what I remember discussing on the day, but there's a potential Swansea-based contingent - what about running something there?

The South Wales Linux group do something similar, running parallel meetups in Cardiff and Carmarthen.

We talked more about North Wales I think on the day. Do we know what the Drupal situation is there?