Christmas (any makers?)

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Probably far too late to organise anything for Christmas.

Putting this up in case anybody wants to step forward an organise a Christmas social, even if just agreeing on somewhere to meet and have a few drinks and casual food with out booking a formal meal.

I have too many commitments to organise anything formal.

If nothing pops up here I will set up a social as usual for 17th Dec, I doubt I will interested in much Drupal talk by then it has been a long year (about 420 days I think).. Drink, food, good-natured complaining and making fun of each other should be the agenda.

Expect we will be gearing up for another talk session in Feb, should be a good opportunity if anybody want to trial something that they can use as a basis for Drupalcamp/con sessions later in year.


Sounds good. I'm in Portland

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Sounds good. I'm in Portland from the 5th-12th December, so as long as it's not then, I'll be there.

sounds good to me

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a bit of christmas cheer and all that. Also pencil me in for a talk in the new year


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christmas drinks

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Great - i'm working in Bristol that day, so i'll definitely come to this one!

Mulled wine anyone!? :D

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That's the day after our christmas party, so could be interesting :)

Hair of the dog...

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You should be ready for a few more drinks by then I guess :)

Drinks and such

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Looks like we will have a few people around for the 17th for some drinks and I am sure we can find a noodlebar / pizza parlour / something, when we get peckish :)

Will set up the event post in a week or so where we can agree starting point and time plus ensure there are contact channels on the night for any late-comers to sync up with the group.

Not quite a formal organised Christmas meal but looking forward to it.

Chance to blow off a little steam...

I'm in, sounds good.

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I'm in, sounds good.

Also in. That's going to be

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Also in. That's going to be an, um, interesting week!

I'm in

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Haven't seen some of you lot for a while now, and I'd really like to. Sign me up.

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Event set up for 17th Dec