Christmas Drinkies

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2014-12-17 18:00 - 23:00 UTC
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User group meeting

Looks like there is some appetite for Christmas Drinks, so lets the Yuletide spirit flow.

We have no organised meal but expect we will be grazing off of suitable local food venues later.

Early start in Llandogger Trow, moving on a little later as desired.

Comments etc. welcome below.

Communication channels: initially via twitter @drupalbristol for stragglers to catch up but expect we will come up with one or more others ways to let latecomers know when and where we are.


I haven't been to a meetup in

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I haven't been to a meetup in ages, but I'll def come along to this :)

\o/ Looking forward to it

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Looking forward to it already!

id like to come too

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im picking someone up from gatwick that day though... leaving my house at 4 in the morning i think... will see what strength i have left later in the day!

I'll come along to this

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I'll come along to this

Sorry everyone, I have

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Sorry everyone, I have another Xmas Do this day, otherwise I would have been there.

Better to be a geek than an idiot.
My software never has bugs. It just develops random features . . .

I'm in!

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Sounds like a plan, see you there!

Start in Llandogger

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Just to confirm we will start in Llandogger and probably stay there until at least 7pm,

The collective will shall drive us onward from there....

Updates to location/s will appear on the @drupalbristol twitter account, for anybody who doesn't know Bristol and may arriving late let us know here and we will find a way to keep in touch / provide better directions etc.

Don't rely on me for anything sensible as time goes on, I have a fasting day on Wednesday so 600 cals, bound to go over that but saving it all for the evening anyway, drinks are going straight to my head ;)

I'm going to have to give it

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I'm going to have to give it a miss tonight guys, have fun!