A configurable content type plug-in to render any view

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Our website will be making strong use of Views, Panels and Panelizer to provide a unique user experience. CTools already creates content types that can be used for Panels for every display for all the views.

I have created a small module that creates a CTools content type plug-in that is configurable and allows a content manager to select a specific view, select a specific display and define arguments if any.

Although it is somewhat duplicative of what views already provides, but sometimes I find it difficult to wade through all of those views.


Interesting... There is also

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Interesting... There is also https://www.drupal.org/project/ctools_field that might be similar. It is used in https://www.drupal.org/project/fancy_kickstart

Thanks for commenting...

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I built a small module for a project I am working on that was primarily used to help the front end person insert views onto panels pages easily. We have generated over 30 views and so it tends to be difficult for them to wade through all the names in the default panelizer dialog boxes.

I am going to checkout ctools_field and see how that works and perhaps contribute to that.