integrating MTC payment gateway in drupal commerce

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Is there any sandbox module integrate MTC (MarocTélecommerce) payment gateway?
The MTC have already developed plugins for many e-commerce platforms except drupal commerce.
Developing this module is a need of all morocco drupal community. For that, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone of you have an experience in online payment in morocco.


Morrocan e-commerce plugin

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Thanks for your good remark our team will study seriously to help for building Custom module and perhaps in the future a drupal module.

that's a good initiative,

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that's a good initiative, good luck

Hi everyone! I'm also

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Hi everyone!

I'm also interested in integrating MTC with Drupal Commerce and would love some help or pointer to any other resources that can help with this implementation.

Thank you!

Forget MTC, there are Payzone

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Forget MTC, there are Payzone a new Moroccan payement gateway, they already had a module for drupal commerce, and they are a CMI partner.

We don't compare the payment solution

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We don't have to compare which solution is better. We focus only on how to make it done. We want to create this module to help other developers and the drupal community.
But thanks for @morad7 for the information. keep going ;-)


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