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Stripe payment gateway now available for NZ

Hi all, a couple of weeks ago I signed up for the Stripe payments NZ beta release. Last week I got my invitation email and gave it a hoon.

I tried with:
- Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.40
- Commerce Stripe 7.x-3.0-alpha1 (with stripe-php libraries v3.23.0)

Using the Secret Key and Publishable Key from my account I have successfully made a test purchase via my website.

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integrating MTC payment gateway in drupal commerce

Is there any sandbox module integrate MTC (MarocTélecommerce) payment gateway?
The MTC have already developed plugins for many e-commerce platforms except drupal commerce.
Developing this module is a need of all morocco drupal community. For that, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone of you have an experience in online payment in morocco.

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Extending availability of Payment Gateways to Drupal

In the spirit of opening up more payment options for e-commerce & mobile money, I had a look @ and the services they offer. It seems okay but unfortunately there is no Drupal integration of any kind. May I suggest that we should look into these many payment gateways and integrate them with drupal either through drupal commerce or ubercart or even better we can come up with our very own own product that incorporates and integrates with the aforementioned scope.

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looking for a new maintainer for Commerce eWAY

i'm looking to hand over the Commerce eWAY module:

if you're interested, please comment in the issue. thanks in advance.

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Developer | Marketing

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I'm working on a website that I built in drupal and I'm using Ubercart for the shopping cart. I've used Ubercart on a few sites but I've only used them with and paypal. Unfortunately this site needs to use a chase merchant account which I have never set up before. I need someone who can set up ubercart to work with chase Paymentech.

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texas-bronius's picture or other gateways for Ubercart

I have set up a few sites with, but in each instance, the client has given me the keys/info, and I never dealt with the actual net setup.

Can someone speak of his experience from a vendor's perspective as to what is really involved? I think you don't buy straight from but rather through a reseller-- how does one go about selecting "the right vendor?" What about costs? What other payment gateways have you used with Ubercart?


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NZ Payment Gateways

I'm just started doing my first ecommerce website in Drupal and was wondering if anyone has made/knows of a payment gateway module for Ubercart that works with NZ credit card processors (eg. DPS or Paymate)?

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Problems with ecommerce-5.x-3.4, i18n and ec_lacaixa


I have a problems with ecommerce-5.x-3.4. I install this module and the payment gateway for la caixa (Spanish bank). I configure the payment gateway but when go to checkout, a page says that i need the i18n_language() function that is in the i18n module.

Then I install this module, and the payment gateway work fine. But in the ecommerce section, i have and error when i click into E-Commerce -> Products. This error is:

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