Drupal Modules for SEO: Content Optimization

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I'm looking for a module to provide SEO tips about content optimization for content editors of a Drupal site who have low experience in the SEO world. I've tried the two most recommended modules for this task:

1.- Content Analysis + Content Optimizer: it seems pretty broken. The most basic features just don't work. For example: if you select one of the module's configuration options (inline recommendations only), the module crashes with a WSOD. Another example: recommendations for meta tags don't work. The module seems unmantained, there is a lot of bugs reported from months ago and there is no activity in the git repository since years ago.

2.- SEO Compliance checker: it seems broken too. It only shows a recommendation about the alt attribute of a image field, but no recommendation at all about the content, meta tags, and so on. It seems unmantained too: many bugs, last commit seven months ago...

Is there any other module to do this task?. I need a good module (low number of bugs and well mantained) which can do the job and work nicely with the most common SEO modules like the Metatag module.

Does anybody know a good module to do the job?. Thanks in advance.


Interested as well on the

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Interested as well on the exactly same thing!
@God... What exactly do you mean broken? Going to try them today.

Each module has reported 10 k sites using it... Pretty good number for a broken module

Hi, funkycamel, I mean broken

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Hi, funkycamel,

I mean broken because of things like these:

1.- Content Analysis + Content Optimizer: if i choose to show the content optimization messages inline only, then i get the WOSD and nothing works (https://www.drupal.org/node/2510476). Another example: if you use the Metatag module and then you manually overwrite what that module outputs for the meta keywords, then the content optimizer doesn't change its recommendations, it keeps showing recommendations for the output it gets from the Metatag module.

2.- SEO Compliance checker: in my installation, the only recommendation it shows to me is for the alt attribute of an image field in my content type. No recommendations at all for the body content, the title, meta tags, and so on.

Both modules have many bugs and they seem they are no longer well supported (last commit is from months or years ago, no answers from the module's mantainers for the reported bugs, etc.).

Yep I have to agree with you!

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Yep I have to agree with you! I get the same things + beta version poorly maintained!

I've heard a lot of people

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I've heard a lot of people say that Drupal is poor on SEO compared to other alternative CMS platforms available. As a developer which understands Drupal module and theme development, I can understand the complexity to make a one-fits-all SEO module. Every Drupal site is configured differently from one another, during development and site building we follow standards and best practices but there are just too many modules or various ways to solve a problem.

I think there should be a SEO base module, like we have a base theme. Themes or modules could then extend functionality upon the SEO base module. Migrate, Advanced help, and i18n modules do this well in my opinion. Before any new SEO base module is developed, we need SEO experts to document what is missing in Drupal CMS or particular modules. Once we find the problem as a community we can suggest SEO modules or best practices to implement (possibly developing a new, and supported SEO module). IMO, hopefully some day a SEO base module will be put into Drupal core.

Hi stevesmename, I'm a

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Hi stevesmename,

I'm a developer too with a few contributed modules, and i totally agree with you. Drupal need a good SEO base module and more commitment from developers who contribute SEO modules.

It's true that when you develope a new module, there is too many modules to integrate with, but if you develope a new SEO module, at least it should integrate with the more installed SEO modules and you should try to maintain well those modules and fix as bugs as possible to make them usable. That's the probem with the SEO modules we are talking about in this thread: they seem like nice modules, but they just don't work and they seem no longer supported.