Error on install, which results in not showing Open Atrium

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Hi all,

First of all I'd like to say that I hope this is the right place to ask my question.

I've got a problem with my Open Atrium installation. I'm trying to install it on my laptop, using PHP 5.x, MySQL and Apache. These three work fine, but during my installation I get the error "http://localhost/atrium/install.php?locale=en&profile=atrium_installer&id=2&op=do". If I click to see the error page, the installer continues with the install. Research on Google resulted in one possible explanation for this problem, which is the ImageAPI. Because the installer continued, and I wasn't certain how to change/modify this API, I didn't do anything with this. After the installer completed the install "succesfully", I'm trying to get into OA. But when I go to http://localhost/atrium (which is the name of my OA folder in htdocs), I get a white screen. I tried changing the PHP settings in php.ini, by trying to increase the memory and time which it may use to run a script. After restarting PHP, I tried to approach OA another time. Unfortunatelly, the white screen appeared again.

Does somebody know this problem? And more important: does somebody have a solution?
Thanks in advance!


Same problem

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CentOS server, plenty of PHP memory (128M) and processing time (3 minutes), get white screen.

Went in and checked my DB settings in settings.php, and they're fine.

Enabling error logging in

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Enable error_reporting and display_errors in your php.ini to see what exactly the exception is instead of just getting a white screen.

OK, here's the error

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Fatal error: Call to undefined function date_get_format_types() in /var/www/html/profiles/openatrium/modules/contrib/date/date/date.module on line 289

I've got the same

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I've got the same error, I'm using install_profile_api, and my modules list are:

function myprofile_profile_modules() {
  return array(
'block', 'color', 'dblog', 'filter', 'help', 'locale', 'menu', 'node', 'path', 'php', 'search','install_profile_api',
'system', 'taxonomy', 'update', 'upload', 'user', 'adminrole', 'advanced_help',
'block_save_edit', 'jcalendar', 'content', 'content_copy', 'nodereference',
'optionwidgets', 'text', 'content_taxonomy', 'content_taxonomy_autocomplete',
'content_taxonomy_options', 'content_taxonomy_tree', 'ctools', 'views_content',
'date', 'date_api', 'date_locale', 'date_popup', 'date_timezone', 'date_tools',
'dvtoolbox', 'filefield', 'filefield_paths', 'flowplayer', 'gweather', 'imageapi',
'imageapi_gd', 'imageapi_imagemagick', 'imagecache', 'imagecache_ui',
'imagefield', 'imce', 'imce_wysiwyg', 'jquery_plugin', 'jquery_ui', 'menu_node',
'node_tools', 'nice_menus', 'pagination', 'panels', 'panels_mini', 'phone_block',
'revisioning', 'rules_admin', 'rules_scheduler', 'scheduler', 'site_map', 'smsciudadano',
'tagadelic', 'taxonomy_export', 'taxonomy_manager', 'thickbox', 'videofield',
'views_export', 'views_ui', 'views_bulk_operations', 'wysiwyg', 'calendar', 'pathauto',
'filefield_sources', 'fieldgroup', 'tac_lite', 'block_theme_synchronize', 'contemplate',
'token', 'views', 'panels_node', 'rules', 'devel', 'page_manager', 'jquery_update',

//and i make a call to install_include
function myprofile_profile_tasks(){

May I switch the order of modules?


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I moved the module 'date_api' to the first of the non core modules and the error gone