DRUPALers in MIAMI... introducing.. INCUBATE MIAMI

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I just wanted all of the Miami Drupal community to be aware of a new organization. http://incubatemiami.com/

The Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC) is opening a 12,000-square-foot technology incubator in downtown Miami to nurture startup companies.

The center, called Incubate Miami, will offer discounted rent to young tech companies. The benefit for companies occupying the incubator will be twofold, explained Jane Teague, EDC’s executive director: The rent is cheap and the proximity to other tech companies offers synergistic opportunities.

I want to make INCUBATE MIAMI the DRUPAL CENTRAL for the South US and Latin American Regions.

If we as DRUPAL developers want to increase our billable hours, and land more projects, we need to create a trade association, complete with classes and a grass roots campaign that reaches out to NON TECH's. like artists, musicians, Business men, Activists... Then we need to get sponsorship with a budget. DRUPAL needs to become a more recognizable name, and this looks like a good place to hang up a sign.

In addition, We need to start inviting other heavy weights from BOSTON, LA, San Fran, Washington DC. FYI... a one way ticket from LA to FLL is $79. Same for BWI( Baltimore Washington), Phily, and NY. NEW YORK gets Drupal Meetups so large that they actually lock people out. We have the best weather in the country. When the North was having record cold spells, It would have been incredibly easy to invite top notch talent if we paid for the Hotel and Airfair. We could create instant travel packages next winter to attract drupal developers from all over the country with just 2 week notices.

Anyone interested in doing this?


sounds cool

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Hey Vince,

Thanks for letting us know about incubatemiami.com. I'm down to help out make Drupal in Miami have more of a poppin' presence in and outside the tech community. Let me know how I can help.

Awesome ideas Vince

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Vince, thanks for putting out some excellent ideas for growing the group. If I can help coordinate our meeting content with availability of high-power guests, please let me know. -- Robertson

Great I'm in Need of Drupal Talent

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I am glad to see Drupal gain a foot hold in Miami. I am a new Drupalite my self looking for some talent to help me with some projects. If anyone is interested please. Feel free to drop me a line or send me a resume. Please send contact info to turismorealty@gmail.com Need some help with http://www.turismorealty.com to start. But, I got a number of other projects. Also looking for someone who has experiance with civicrm and sugarcrm to be intigrated with drupal. Looking forward to meeting others.


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