Drupalcamp Cebu 2015 - Made with Drupal 8

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For this year’s Drupalcamp in Cebu (Philippines), we decided to build the site ( https://2015.drupalcebu.org ) using Drupal 8.
Development started on beta-12, and we went live with RC 1.

Challenging but fun

Working with Drupal 8 beta versions was challenging. Specially before beta-15, we had some issues with core updates. But it was definitely fun and interesting.

We learned a lot about some of the great improvements of Drupal 8 : Twig, the Block system, the Configuration Management system ...

The whole project is Open Source and was released on Github.

Development retrospective presentation

The development of the project ended up being one of the session during the camp:
"Made with Drupal 8" presentation by Leolando Tan, Mary Chris Casis and Luc Bezier.
The session covers our experience working on Site building, Theming and Back end.
Checkout the presentation here: http://www.slideshare.net/Luukyb/made-with-drupal-8

Drupalcamp Cebu 2015: https://2015.drupalcebu.org


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