VoIP Extension field

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I installed VoIP Extension on D7.
VoIP server configuration - Troppo
In new type of a material "Contact in phonebook" has created a field "Phone number" and Field type "VoIP Extension"
As a result I have a usual text field.
I believe, what VoIP Extension creates the link for a VoIP-script. True or not?
How field VoIP Extension on D7 should work?



Re: VoIP Extension field

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Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your interest in VoIP Drupal!

The VoIP Extension module basically provides an API for other modules. In most cases, it should not be used on its own.

In order to associated phone extensions and VoIP scripts with content types, please try the VoIP Node module . Its README.txt file should provide you with a good start.

Let us know if you have any questions, ok?