FLDC16 planning call

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2015-12-11 15:00 - 16:00 America/New_York
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Call in info: (401) 229-2544, conference number 801465#


Let's get up the site ASAP. We'll try to keep this meeting short and avoid both bike-shedding and yak-shaving!

  • Let's set a deadline and go-live date.
  • Will we archive the current site?
    • Who will handle this?
  • Can we continue to use Alex's module to interface with Eventbrite?
    • Who will handle this?
  • What design changes? Any theming changes?
    • Who will handle this?
  • Anything else?


Things to do.

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Are we going to keep it on acquia?
Need to clear out old data.
Need to create new event on Event brite and connect alex's module to new event id.
If i remember right, alex's module connects via a event id.
We will have to chech if EB api has changed in last year.
Need to update content with this years data.

I can check out the EB stuff.

Things to do.

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Dup post

All we really need to do with

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All we really need to do with the site is create a new main parent event for 2016 and copy/dupe content as necessary - no need to clear out old, it can stay there. I guess we could archive 2015 as a snapshot before starting 2016 but no need to start fresh. I've talked to Jay and we may need to add some filters to views so 2015 doesn't show up. Yes, keeping on Acquia, no need to change. It's free for another year or so.

Alex is not available this year so hopefully his custom code will still work. Yes it needs to be verified/tested, there was an issue in Sept. with many PHP errors. I think they were due to no data coming in from EB, assuming the 2015 event was archived by EB.


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I am volunteering myself and Jitesh from Spinspire to update the EB integration code that Alex built last year.
We will be on the call Friday. I also help Don load the session data last year and would like to do that again. We have other devs from Spinspire who can help but won't be able to join the call.

I'm looking forward to working on this with you folks and helping make a great Drupal Camp experience!


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