Philadelphia Drupal MeetUp - February 17th

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2010-02-17 06:30 - 09:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Please join us at Zivtech HQ for our February Drupal MeetUp. As usual we'll have pizza and beer and we'll split into two groups (beginners upstairs in the lounge, non-beginners in the main area), but unlike last time we'll have plenty of chairs, and we'll probably remove the tables in the main area to make room for more people.

If there are any subjects people would like covered in the non-beginner group please speak up, otherwise we'll just do a show-and-tell like last time.


Meetup on February 17

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I will be there, Alex and Sam. Thanks for the invitation!

-- Reed

I will be there!

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I will be there!

Also posted on

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Also posted on here for reference.

I'll be there. Might even

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I'll be there. Might even have some coworkers in tow.

I live so close, how can I

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I live so close, how can I resist... :`)

Directions to Zivtech

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In case you haven't been to our place before, we're located at 32 S. Strawberry on the 2nd floor, which is very near to the corner of 2nd & Market. Here's the google map page for our biz (note that the front is no longer the same as in the pic):

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

Free Parking!

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For those of us who have to drive in, it looks like the AutoPark (PPA) garages at 2nd and Sansom and at 5th and Market will be free for the first 4 hours if you park after 5pm. Any meter parking is also free.

Not sure about the meters...

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According to the PPA website, the lots are free. However, it doesn't mention metered parking:

AutoPark at JFK (16th & JFK)
AutoPark at Independence Mall (5th & Market)
AutoPark at Jefferson (10th & Ludlow)
AutoPark at Gallery Mall (10th & Filbert)
8th & Filbert
Olde City (2nd and Sansom)

PPA surface lots at:
8th & Chestnut
19th & Callowhill
15th & Arch

Spread the Love with Free Evening Parking
Ending: 2/19/2010

After 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday (2/16) through Friday (2/19), parking will be free for the first four hours, and $3.00 an hour thereafter in the PPA lots and garages listed above. The PPA will also provide a reduced $10 all day garage parking rate for any parker who brings a receipt from a local merchant or restaurant for a purchase taking place after the initial eight hour parking period. Since the full-day rate for most center city garages is $19.00 on average, this would result in a $9.00 savings.

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology

Looks like you're right, free

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Looks like you're right, free metered parking ended last night at midnight:

Question about the meeting tonight

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I am fairly new to Drupal and have only developed a couple of small sites as I've been learning. I am currently managing the development of a Drupal site for one of our clients, subcontracting the work to Drupal development co. in NJ. I want to learn more about the capabilities of the framework, scalability and best practices.
I am developing a business plan for a health care web portal, which I believe could be well suited for Drupal and would like to receive some input from experienced developers.
With that in mind I assume that the best group to meet with would be the advanced group in order to get their input. Would this meeting be the right forum for this and based on the suggestions received so far would there be time to address this today?

The site we just launched

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For those who were in attendance last night, here is the site I was talking about that we launched last month:

I'm planning on doing a formal show and tell at the next meetup, though I'd love to find the time to do a formal write-up about it. I have zero time right now since we're short a developer. However, leave a comment if you have any questions and I'll try to follow up when I can.

Drupal Princeton Meetup - March 3rd

had a blast

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I know its late, but I just wanted to say that i had a blast at the last meetup, and incidentally learned a good deal too, whoda thunk it.

There were a couple of people I talked with (after a good chunk of listening).
I think one's name is Howard
The other guy I talked to in the hallway (you got stranded at the previous meetup)

I'd appreciate if you shoot me a gmail at bwoodson (sdrawcab), i've got a few questions and a request for some help (which i'm not above paying money for)


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