Right then, first questions

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Should it be a wiki roadmap, or maintained by one person?
How finegrained do we want to see the roadmap?
Can we facilitate contrib developers with roadmap features?
Do we need a roadmap module?


At least a TO DO list

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I am not a core developer, not even a contrib developer but I think Drupal should have a list of things to do. This list will include requests from Drupal community, ie: seperate admin theme, more database server support, adding multi-site administration support, more AJAX, etc.

I don't say that it should include version numbers with them like a real roadmap. I don't think that such a list will limit the creativity of developers.

The list may be generated by the results of polls about each subject. There may be 10s of polls.


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A wiki with a maintainer?

The key question, as always, will be how much work is someone willing to do? And the second will likely be "how much utility is there in the effort"? It would seem that a road-map of any kind couldn't be too fine-grained by nature. I'd think it'd be a good idea to start out with a small effort, let people do what they're going to with it, and clean up after the results at some fixed, future point (say, after the next release).

That way, you'll get a good idea of where the effort is going, what people want to do with it, and how much trouble it will be worth putting into the effort.

As an end-user, rather than a developer, I would like to see some concession to discussing a road map in very broad terms, i.e. Drupal information hypertrophy -- how will documentation, mailing lists, forums and aggregate feeds eventually find a common ground so that a single user can actually IDENTIFY all possible sources of info? Not necessarily less technical, but certainly a little more philosophical and abstract.